Secrets of Healthy Eating and Portion Control – Infographic


What are the secrets of healthy eating and portion control? That is a question that many have been asking health care specialists and nutritionists for years.

The first secret of healthy eating and portion control is that we need to actively make healthy choices when it comes to food. Healthy food choices can be found all over the place, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and even on-line. So we need to be patient when we are shopping around.

The second secret of healthy eating and portion control is to pay attention to portions. When we are in the store or in a restaurant, we want to get a good idea of how much we are actually eating. This allows us to choose portions of the foods that will help us maintain a healthy weight and stay well-nourished. A good rule of thumb is that a serving size of about one-third of your desired food should be eaten at one time.

Another secret of healthy eating and portion control is to find a diet plan that works for you. Don’t feel like you have to change your eating habits overnight because healthy eating and portion control can be learned over time, so why try to fit it into your lifestyle overnight?

Secrets of healthy eating and portion control also include getting exercise. Even if you are not active, the right amount of physical activity can improve your mood and energy levels, and help to maintain your body weight. If you can’t get enough physical activity, get a physical trainer, or join a walking group.

You also much be able to stick to a diet. It may seem impossible at first to make a diet stick, but it is important to find a diet that you enjoy and stick with it. There are many diet plans available today that are very appealing but often fall short of healthy eating and portion control goals.

Healthy eating and portion control should also involve making changes at home. You may think that it is impossible to control your diet and portion control at home because you do not eat out or eat at restaurants, but with some hard work and persistence, you can easily find a way to keep your healthy eating and portion control within reach.

There are many secrets of healthy eating and portion control to be discovered. Keep in mind that while following the steps listed above, it is also important to know your calories. Your food choices are critical to your health and when you know what the recommended dietary allowance of calories for your age, gender, height, and activity level is, then you can better control the amount you consume.

Healthy eating and portion control are a choice, not a necessity. Many people overeat and under-consume calories, while others eat too little, especially when they are tired or stressed, or feeling run down. Knowing your fat and protein intake, and how many servings you need to have the same amount of each to be healthy is important to keep track of as well. You should also consider limiting fats in your diet and drinking plenty of water. These foods contain saturated and trans fats that can raise bad cholesterol levels, which is linked to heart disease and other health conditions.

Good nutrition starts with eating correctly, exercising, and getting a daily exercise routine. If you can achieve these secrets of healthy eating and portion control, you will feel and look better.

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