Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Becomes a Disorder – Infographic


Orthorexia is a transition from normal healthy eating to an adverse obsession with eating healthy. This condition is an eating disorder that can cause great harm. 

Orthorexia usually starts out as a normal healthy diet routine to obtain several health benefits. However, it may mutate to become a dangerous obsession with strict dieting and food deprivation. 

It may be difficult to determine whether or not a person is suffering from Orthorexia. However, this is a 2-stage analysis that can be used to make an accurate diagnosis: 

  1. Obsession with Healthy Eating: At the earliest stage, there’s an obsession with healthy dieting. This obsession is characterized by certain mental and behavioral changes. 

They could include: 

  • Behaviors or thinking patterns that reflect an absurd level of focus on health-benefiting diets. 
  • Self-imposed anxieties are experienced in people with Orthorexia. Such people feel anxious about their dietary health and may feel unnecessarily ashamed.
  • Severe restrictions are an escalated form of normal healthy eating routines. These severe restrictions involve starving oneself of food at a dangerous level. 
  1. Life Disturbing Behavior: At this second stage things begin to get worse, and the Orthorexia is more visible in the person’s life. Normal daily activities would be affected and even impeded sometimes. 
  • Medical issues like excessive weight loss can be experienced 
  • The affected individual suffers from a lifestyle disruption. Regular daily activities are impeded.
  • The individual becomes emotionally dependent. 

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