The All In One Guide To Keeping Active In the Workplace – Infographic


Staying active at work is just so difficult. To help you with this, here are some of the easiest ways on how you can get moving while at work.

  • Walk or Ride Your Bike When Going to Work. 

This is one of the best ways to stay fit and get started with your day. It will make you feel energized, and you’ll be able to get started with your tasks with a clear mind.

  • Go on a Coffee Run

Volunteer to go on a coffee run instead of asking someone to get it for you. And instead of going to the nearest cafe, get your coffee a bit further from your office so you can exercise more.

  • Organize a Standing or Walking Meetings

Most people spend a lot of time attending meetings at work. Encourage everyone to be healthy by organizing a standing or walking meeting. This helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes and Footwear

Studies show that if you wear comfortable clothes and shoes when going to work, you’re more likely to stay active, which makes sense. If you have comfortable clothes and shoes, you’ll be encouraged to walk, run, or take the stairs.

  • Keep Track of Your Steps

It’s so much easier to stay active if you’re able to keep track of the number of steps that you take every single day. So, keep track of every step that you take at work. 

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