The Okinawa Diet: What You Need to Know – Infographic


Named after one of the largest islands of the Ryukyu Islands in Japan, the Okinawa diet is the kind of diet that people living in the Ryukyu Islands follow. 

History buffs are surely familiar with the Battle of Okinawa, which was fought during World War II. But Okinawa is also famous for something else. It’s been said that people here live for a very long time. 

So, if you want to make your life a little bit longer, following the Okinawa Diet might just do the trick.

What Do People from Okinawa Eat?

The Okinawa Diet consists of the basic. It emphasizes the importance of eating green, yellow, and orange vegetables. 

Although rice is an important staple in every meal in Japan, people from Okinawa would skimp on the grains. 

Instead, they will focus on eating veggies, such as purple sweet potato. They also eat meat in a small amount, as well as dairy and seafood. The diet also puts emphasis on eating legumes and soy.

The Key to Avoid Overeating

When talking about the Okinawan Diet, the most important term that’s worth mentioning is the Hara Hachi Bu. 

This principle is based on the Confucian teaching that will remind people to stop eating when they’re already full. In English, Hara Hachi Bu means “eat only until you’re eight parts out of ten full.”

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