Nutrition Myths You Should Stop Believing – Infographic


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The truth is that nutrition is a science, not a myth. You will find there are some myths out there, but you have to know how to spot them. So, let’s look at some of the common misconceptions about nutrition that you should really be careful with.

You don’t need nutrition for children. Children are very different than adults, and their diets differ significantly, so the best way to avoid having a diet full of junk foods is to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet. If you don’t, then you are making yourself a huge mistake.

You can eat anything you want at all times. There is no such thing as a “quick fix” diet because eating too much won’t help at all. Eat healthy fats because no only do these foods help protect your heart and your body from disease, they also help make you look and feel better. Therefore, the best diet is one that includes healthy fats, like olive oil.

Sugar and carbs go together. Carbohydrates aren’t bad – they’re actually very good for you. If you have to add them to your diet, it’s because your body can’t process them without destroying them.

You can have a good diet all by yourself. You need to get into shape, and that means working out regularly, however, you also need to have the right nutrients in your diet as well. You need to work out regularly in order to keep your body in top condition and the best way to do this is by eating a diet full of protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

The last myth to bust is that you can’t lose weight or build muscle while on a diet. The fact is that your body has to use energy in order to burn calories, so you don’t have to stop eating altogether to achieve these things. Instead, you can eat more often and keep burning calories even after you’ve stopped eating. You may find that when you do eat, it is more difficult to lose weight.

Fat isn’t bad for your health. Your body needs some fat for energy, but it’s a good idea to avoid foods high in fats and carbohydrates – especially those found in deep-fried foods and processed foods. These foods are particularly bad for your health because they make you feel hungry all the time and you end up overeating.

Eating your breakfast will help you lose weight, which is another of the common misconceptions about weight loss because it’s not really true. In fact, it will do more harm than good, because it will make you less likely to eat in the first place. Eating breakfast makes it more likely that you’ll eat later in the day. The problem with most diet plans is that they require you to eat six small meals a day, and while this can be convenient, it doesn’t allow your body time to rest and recover. Therefore, it will lead to weight gain, especially if you eat too many large meals throughout the day.

Don’t harm your children by forcing them to eat unhealthy foods. This is another of the nutrition myths you should stop believing about weight loss and nutrition. Children don’t need to be force-fed a diet filled with fried foods and other unhealthy things, because they can handle the calories and sugar that are in a healthy diet.

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