High Blood Pressure Diet and Natural Remedies – Infographic


High blood pressure is a rampant condition around the world today. There are different medical solutions that have been procured to combat the condition. 

Some of these solutions include diet plans that have been tailored to specifically fight high blood pressure. 

These diets usually include foods like: 

  • Vegetables: Consuming vegetables is highly beneficial to our health. Because of how nutrient-rich they are, vegetables are able to combat HBP. They also have large antioxidant properties and electrolytes – all of which are good for your health. 
  • Fresh Fruit: For the purpose of living healthy, it’s better to discard processed fruits and juices. Instead, consume fresh fruits that will supply your body richly with antioxidants, fibers, and electrolytes; potassium and magnesium, for example. 
  • Lean Proteins: Lean proteins are found in certain seafood like sardines and salmon. Pasture-raised meats are also lean meats, and they are highly beneficial to your body. It’s advisable to consume lean meats at a rate of 3 out of 10 portions of calories. 

One major diet that medical professionals recommend for their HBP patients is the DASH diet. It stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. It’s a natural solution put together for fighting HBP. 

Other ways to reduce blood pressure include portion control, increased potassium intake, regular hydration, boosted fiber intake, consumption of homemade meals, and reduced sodium consumption.

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