Foods with Gluten Hiding in Plain Sight – Infographic


There are many foods that are packed with gluten today. However, so many people aren’t even aware of that constituent in the foods. 

Gluten-packed meals aren’t the best choice for a healthy lifestyle. A lot of Americans today are consistently diminishing their health by consuming gluten-packed meals in large quantities. 

Gluten content within foods like wheat has increased at an alarming rate. This can be linked to the artificial methods applied to growing these crops. Apart from crop growing, gluten is added during the preparation of meals for various reasons. 

Some gluten-packed food items include cold cuts, flavored teas, soy sauce, salad dressing, gravies, hot dogs, candy, chewing gum, fish sticks, rice mixes, ketchup, and lots more. 

Gluten is becoming a health-depleting pandemic in America. There are a handful of diseases that can be linked to the frequent consumption of gluten-packed meals. Even type 1 diabetes can stem from the frequent consumption of gluten-filled foods. 

Within the human body, there’s a protein called Zonulin that indicates which tight junctions to cover and uncover. 

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