Foods that Beat Multivitamins – Infographic


Any health practitioner worth their salt will tell you that health starts with what you put in your body. 

Whole foods should always be your first choice when it comes to acquiring the complex balance of nutrients that your body needs to thrive. 

Here are some of the most nutrient-dense foods whose vitamin and mineral content can blow synthetic multivitamin supplements out of the water. 

  • Kale is a superfood vegetable that provides 111% of your copper RDI, 134% of your Vitamin C RDI, and 900% of your Vitamin K1 RDI. 
  • Seaweed is rich in iodine, a nutrient which more than a third of the world is deficient in. Kelp and Wakame are the most common types of seaweed which provides almost 1000% of the RDI of iodine. 
  • Liver is an organ meat that’s high in protein, copper, iron, folate, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. In fact, it offers 700% of your copper RDA, 700% vitamin A RDA, and 1200% of your vitamin B12 RDA. 
  • Tiny sardines are rich in nutrients and healthy oils. Although they’re commonly sold in cans, they can be enjoyed fresh or pickled, smoked, and grilled. 
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