Food Is Medicine: The Diet of Medicinal Foods, Science & History – Infographic


The relationship between food and medicine is a very close one. While most of the food we eat today was often used for medicinal purposes, it has also been used as a means of improving health. The following article will discuss the history of medicine and food as well as the relationship between these two things.

Medicine has been around as long as food has, and in ancient times, medicine was used to treat illness and it was only a matter of time before food was discovered as a cure for many illnesses. From the Egyptians to the Greeks, from the Aztecs to the Chinese, people throughout history have discovered that food can heal us. We have found the use of herbs to help heal illness; we have even found foods that contain medicinal qualities and are therefore considered medicine.

The relationship between food and medicine in ancient times is still very close. When someone was sick, he or she would eat foods rich in protein and other nutrients to fight off the disease. A person might eat raw vegetables and fruits, or they may eat cooked vegetables and fruits. Food has been considered medicine since the beginning of time.

Over the years, the relationship between food and medicine has changed somewhat, especially because people realized that they can use the scientific way of treating diseases to treat illness. Food was no longer seen as medicine; it was seen as a way to help keep people alive. This was not necessarily a bad thing, as scientists and doctors realized that the bodies of humans were more complex than ever before and that a change in diet was not only good for people’s health but could save their lives.

Food is still used today as medicine, and there are some scientific studies that show that eating certain types of foods can cure the same symptoms that have been associated with specific diseases in the past. While there have been claims that certain types of food cause specific types of diseases, no definitive proof has yet been produced however by researching this subject, scientists are learning about the different ways that foods and medications can interact.

Today, it is a fact that the diet of humans can affect human health, and the way that we think about ourselves has changed in order to improve our quality of life. It used to be believed that if you ate properly, you could just live and eat as much as you wanted, as long as you had plenty of fiber and fresh vegetables. Now, modern medicine does not believe that eating healthy is an easy task. It is hard work and requires a commitment to the food pyramid; and the research on food and medicine is continuing. If a person eats a balanced diet that includes lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, they will have a better chance of living a long and healthy life. In fact, a diet full of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains has proven to be healthier for people that have high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart conditions than the usual diets of the past.

Science & history shows us that there are many connections between food and medicine that we have learned over the years. While science may not be able to tell us exactly what type of foods will cure what, it does show us that there are many different types of foods that are great for the body.

The first type of medicinal foods that we have studied are the ones that we normally associate with “real medicine.” There are certain fruits and vegetables that have been shown to help people deal with the effects of certain diseases, as well as reduce the severity of some types of ailments. While it is not clear how this works, it is important to note that it has been shown to be helpful for people suffering from arthritis.

There are also many different types of foods that have been shown to increase longevity, which has helped to make us live longer, healthier lives. The good news is that it is possible to lose weight and keep it off, which helps to keep us healthy and happy.

Scientists are also learning more about the relationship between diet and medicine. As more scientists learn more about the body and the ways that the mind and the body interact, they will continue to learn more about the role that nutrition plays in how our bodies function and how our bodies react to the foods that we eat. We are seeing more evidence that there are many benefits to eating healthy, and many ways that we can improve the way that we feel and look. This is the future of medicine; the discovery of new and improved ways to treat illnesses and slow down the aging process.

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