Five Surprising Facts About Aspartame – Infographic


Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener used for different things. However, it has some negative side effects that you should be aware of. 

These are:

  • Transforms into Cancer-Facilitating Formaldehyde: Aspartame is made up of three major constituents. These include; Phenylalanine, Methanol, and Aspartic Acid. Each individual component is harmful on its own. However, the combining power of all three makes it even more potent.
  • Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome: There are a lot of foods that make use of synthesized sugars today. These synthesized sugars are generally assumed to be harmless. However, that isn’t the case. These artificial sugars can actually lead to a significant increase in weight. 
  • Aspartame is Approved Regardless of Its Evident Toxicity: You might not be aware that aspartame wasn’t intended to be made. A research done to create an ulcer medication eventually led to the accidental discovery of aspartame. The sweeting ability of the substance was then exploited ever since. 
  • Aspartame is a Product of Genetically Altered E.Coli Feces: Interestingly, aspartame is a product obtained from the feces of genetically altered E.Coli bacteria. Now that’s just off, isn’t it? 
  • Risk of Causing Permanent Brain Damage: Aspartame contains nearly 40% of aspartic acid. In an event where really large amounts of the substance are consumed, the brain cells are subjected to an unhealthy barrage of calcium. This consequently causes a cross in the blood-brain barrier that can lead to terrible brain damage. 
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