Fad or Fact: Fashionable Diets Get A Reality Check – Infographic


The spread of information these days is so fast. Trends in dieting catch on each day. In recent years, we have seen so many celeb-like diets hit the Internet. 

From paleo diets to keto diets, the interest towards them is just so huge. But what’s the truth about these trends? 

Well, here are a few points for you:

Paleo Diet 

There’s nothing that has received more media attention when it comes to food than the paleo diet. 

But is it really healthy? Well, it is and for only one reason. The paleo diet simply advocates that we eat like the original caveman. 

In that case, it eliminates processed foods from the diet completely and focuses on organic greens and whole grains. These are all very healthy foods to consider.

Is Bacon Healthy? 

This is also an ongoing debate in pop culture these days. Well, bacon is very high in saturated fats and we know that these fats aren’t healthy. It’s therefore a great idea to eat bacon in moderation.

The Bad Rep for Gluten 

Every time you hear people talking about healthy diets, they always seem to insist a lot on gluten-free food. But gluten isn’t universally bad. It only affects people with gluten-related allergies.

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