How To Exercise With Arthritis And Sore Joints – Infographic


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One of the most commonly asked questions by people with arthritis is how to exercise with arthritis and sore joints. As one’s arthritis progresses, the muscles in your body often weaken resulting in a limited range of motion and less strength in your muscle tissues. However, exercising in general can help to strengthen the muscles in your body. It is important for those with arthritis to be aware that they should consult their physician before beginning any form of exercise. They should be informed about the possible dangers and benefits associated with certain forms of exercise.

Of course, if you have arthritis you should still be able to enjoy regular physical activities as long as they do not aggravate your condition. However, you should be very careful with certain forms of activity, such as doing strength training exercises or any type of work that is too strenuous on your joint muscles.

Another thing you should consider is the use of medication to relieve your pain or reduce your mobility after having physical therapy. As mentioned earlier, some medications can cause severe side effects, especially if you are taking them for a long period of time. In these cases, it may be in your best interest to discuss the possibility of combining medications with physical therapy.

Another way to exercise with arthritis is through walking. Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise because it does not require special equipment or specialized shoes. Walking just requires your own two feet and a bit of motivation. This is not to say that other forms of exercise are not an effective or common form of exercise for arthritis sufferers. They can be if you follow certain guidelines.

For instance, most people find swimming to be a very popular and common type of exercise, especially for those with arthritis. Swimming works the whole body, especially the muscles in the joints.

You can add your daily activity to the list of ways to exercise with arthritis by simply starting at your home. Do not rush things. In fact, you should be very careful that you do not overdo anything if you have to have surgery or invasive procedures. If you are concerned that your doctor will not recommend a particular form of exercise for arthritis, you should talk to him or her first.

Before you get started on the exercise program, make sure that you get a workout routine down pat. For instance, if you need to have your knee replaced, you should start with walking up and down stairs three days a week, then move up to a moderate jog or take a tennis court or tennis bike for a few hours each week.

The best way to go about getting a physical activity for your joint pain is to find something that you will be comfortable doing every day. Try to stick to one or two types of activity every day, especially if you have arthritis, which makes you more likely to experience discomfort when performing the same activities.

Start with a few different exercises every day. This will help your muscles become accustomed to performing these exercises properly and you will soon start to be more aware of what your body is capable of doing when you are able to do these movements without any problems.

Make sure that you have plenty of energy during your exercise routine. You need to be able to push yourself physically as well as mentally. If you do not feel like you can go on long enough to finish the exercises, you should consult a doctor for advice on how to continue on with your exercise routine.

If you find that you cannot complete your exercise routine, you should talk with your doctor or a physical trainer who specializes in physical therapy, in order to find the exercises that will be easier for you. If you do not want to continue doing what you are doing, make sure that you are not putting yourself in too much danger when you are completing your exercise routine. There are several other ways to help you make this process less of a challenge.

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