Everything You Need To Know About An Alkaline Diet – Infographic


The Alkaline diet refers to the type of diet that can help to balance the pH level of fluids in your body, including urine and blood. 

How Does the Alkaline Diet Work?

When it comes to the total acid consumption in a human diet, researchers believe that there’s been a considerable change at the present age compared to the early times when humans were just hunter-gatherers.

Usually, the kidneys are responsible for maintaining the proper level of electrolytes in our body. Whenever we consume an overly acidic substance, the electrolytes can help to combat the level of acidity in the body.

Before, potassium would outnumber sodium by 10:1, but now the ratio has dropped to only 1:3. The Standard American Diet that people these days are accustomed to has been found to have three times more sodium compared to potassium.

All these changes that are happening in the human diet have led to an increased metabolic acidosis. This means that the pH level of the human bodies today is no longer at the optimal level.

The Alkaline diet can help to balance the body’s pH level and provide plenty of health benefits. It minimizes inflammation and chronic pain, lowers risk for hypertension, and protects the muscle mass and bone density.

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