The Effects Of Overtraining – Infographic


People engage in many body training exercises. The goal could be to shed some pounds or shape some muscles. Whatever your reason is for body training, you need to avoid overtraining. 

Overtraining your muscles could cause a range of adverse effects and sickness. 

Some of the downsides to overtraining are:

  • Fluctuating Blood Sugar Levels 
  • Problems with Sleep: Like frequently waking up and having trouble getting more shut-eye 
  • Overeating: People who overtrain their bodies may experience voracious appetites, and would keep eating excessively. 
  • Troubled Mind: Which could result in anxiety and depression 
  • Decrease in Metabolism: When the body is overtrained, there’s a lowered level of thyroid secretion. This consequently results in decreased metabolism.
  • Sex Hormones Are in Disarray: Lowered sex drive is an adverse effect of overtraining. In fact, females may fail to experience their menstruation sometimes. 

When people start body training, they usually have some goal that they wish to reach/achieve. 

However, some people fail to attain satisfaction after their body goal is met. At that point, they begin striving for more and subjecting their body to excessive training. 

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