What is the Dukan Diet and How It Works – Infographic


When striving to attain significant weight loss, you’ll be presented with a lot of diet options. 

However, most of them would require a reasonable amount of dedication over a lengthy period of time. This is because diets don’t reduce weight overnight. 

One of the best diets for weight loss is the Dukan diet. It encourages a high consumption of protein, and lowered intake of carbs. 

The entire diet has 4 stages:

  • Attack Phase: This usually lasts from 1 day to a week. It involves a high intake of protein meals and a lowered amount of calorie consumption. 
  • Cruise Phase: This lasts between a month and one full year. The phase is scheduled in a series of 2-day alternations. One day subjects you to high-protein & low-carb meals, while the second day includes meals from the previous day with an addition of vegetables. 
  • Consolidation Phase: This phase has a variable timing. It usually features a blend of meals from the cruise phase and attack phase. 
  • Stabilization Phase: This phase has an indefinite timing. It’s the last of all four phases, and it’s focused on maintenance. You basically have to maintain the progress achieved from the last three phases. 

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