Common Causes Of Illness In Winter – Infographic


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December is one of the most awaited months of the year as it hosts many holidays. At the same time, the beautiful climate and season it carries also brings common colds and flu. 

Here are the factors to look out for that may lead to winter flu:

  • Having enough nutrients in the body plays a vital part in the prevention of flu. Harvard research suggests that people who lack nutrients in the body are more prone to catching a flu.
  • Intense diet and incorrect eating habits drive your body to go into “fight mode” which leads to the production of cortisol and weakened immune system.
  • People who seldom go outdoors and lack vitamin D are more prone to flu during the winter season.
  • The exact reason how stress impacts the immune system is undetermined but a sudden increase in cortisol is proven to lessen the body’s strength to resist infection.
  • As winter doesn’t usually cause the urge to drink water, people who are in a cold environment are most likely to be dehydrated. Dehydration affects the immune system’s quick response to fight viruses.
  • Being constantly exposed to heaters during wintertime may cause dryness that leads to respiratory infections and flu. 
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