These Were The Best Gut-Healing Recipes Of 2017 – Infographic


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We all want to know which of the top ten best recipes in this year’s Best Recipes in a Magazine was truly the best. As it turns out, they were all great and there was no clear cut winner. In fact, they were all just as good as each other. Here are our picks as to which of the top ten recipes came out as the best.

One of the best recipes for this year was BBQ Chicken Wings. The wings themselves were not a problem, but getting the flavors right really set these wings apart from any other. They were flavored with garlic powder and seasonings that would make your mouth water and the sauce was sweet, tangy, and even had some spice. The sauce really gave it a little bit of a kick.

The second choice was BBQ Ribs, which were great but a little on the tough side. What we liked about these ribs was that the spice levels were almost non-existent. We also loved how the flavor didn’t overwhelm the ribs themselves. The best part about them was that the ribs actually had a hint of beef flavor in them. In other words, they were more like a mix of beef and chicken.

Our third pick was BBQ Hot Dogs. They were tender and very flavorful. The only downfall was that the sausage wasn’t perfect. Not quite up to the mark, but not bad. These puppies were definitely something to take home.

Our fourth choice was Arugula and Carrot Stuffed Chicken. This was the first recipe that we tried and it was a keeper. The Arugula and carrot stuffing adds a delightful flavor to the chicken and compliments the chicken tenderizing quality.

Another great recipe this year was Greek Yogurt Soup, which was actually a pretty straightforward recipe that just needed to be enhanced a bit.

The Best Recipes in a Magazine had four winners: Italian Lasagna, which was this year’s winner, Chicken and Egg Pasta Salad, Buffalo Chicken, Balsamic Chicken, and Macaroni and Cheese. Macaroni and Cheese with some Lemon topping, a Roasted Chicken, and Bacon and Blue Cheese, and Cream, and Chicken Parmesan were also picked.

This list is certainly not comprehensive and you are sure to see a lot more recipes than we did here. As far as we are concerned though, these were the best gut-healing recipes of the year. So, what are you waiting for, get out there and enjoy this wonderful food?

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