The Benefits Of Breastfeeding – Infographic


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As opposed to the marketing campaigns of companies producing infant milk formulas, nothing can ever replace the benefits and wonders that breast milk can offer to both moms and babies.

  • A woman’s breasts can provide the perfect food for the baby right after giving birth. It naturally produces a nourishing liquid called colostrum that’s packed with all the nutrients that infants need. This is the reason why it’s called “liquid gold.”
  • Breast milk doesn’t only provide specific vitamins, its qualities and components are scientifically proven to adjust based on the baby’s signals too making it far better than formulas.
  • Contrary to the belief that infants with obese mothers are at higher risk to be obese in the future, new studies suggest that future obesity issues of the baby don’t only rely on the mother’s genetics but on the components of the breast milk as well. 
  • Breast milk is extremely beneficial, especially for preemies and their eyesight development. As prematurity creates complications such as retinopathy, nutrients in breast milk may help prevent blindness in preemies. 

It’s also proven to decrease the chance of premature related illnesses such as:

  • (NEC) Necrotizing Enterocolitis
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Sepsis
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