Back Pain Treatments:What Works And What Doesn’t – Infographic


There are different persistent pains in people, especially as they grow older, and back pain is one of the popular ones. 

You can deal with back pain by:

 Staying Active: Regardless of medical solutions like pills and surgical operations, you still need to remain physically active. It’s highly beneficial for people with back pain to go out and exercise.

  • 3D Dynamic Movement: This encourages constant movement and muscle engagement. Instead of constantly remaining immobile, you need to make sure that your muscles are adequately exercised and worked. 
  • Avoid Prolonged Sitting: In the long run, making sure that you don’t sit all the time can help to tackle back pain. 
  • Stretching and Yoga: There are certain Yoga poses and stretches that can help to combat back pains. These include chest stretch, back relaxer, toe taps, squats, seated neck stretch, lunges, malasna, bridge pose, and single-leg balance child’s pose. 

Back Pain & Drugs:

  • First off, it has been discovered that a lot of people in the US get hooked on pain killer meds because of how rampant back pain has become. It was recorded that 7 years ago, over 10,000 US residents suffered fatal ODs from abusing pain killer medications. 
  • Although steroids are being adopted as a solution to back pains, they also have their own downsides. 

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