9 Uncommon Things That Can Trigger A Migraine – Infographic


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There is no one thing that will trigger a migraine but there are a few things that can cause a migraine attack. Migraine sufferers know the symptoms of a migraine and what causes it but they have no idea why some migraine attacks come on unexpectedly and others may last for hours. Here are some uncommon things that can cause a migraine attack.

If your child or partner has a sudden migraine attack, it could be due to stress, medication, or even dehydration. While most people know what causes a headache, many are not aware that other common things that cause migraines may also cause headaches.

One of the more common causes of migraines is stress. Stress triggers the release of chemicals that lead to an increase in blood pressure. The higher the blood pressure, the stronger the pain will be, which is why it is so important to avoid stressful situations.

Another common reason for a migraine is when a person is dehydrated. When dehydrated, the person’s brain is unable to adjust and this in turn causes pain. Dehydration leads to problems with the body such as muscle weakness and headaches.

Dehydration is another common reason for migraines and one of the most common reasons that you can be dehydrated is through sweating. People sweat for a number of different reasons and it is important to recognize the symptoms of a migraine. Dehydration can lead to increased heart rate, headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Another common cause of a migraine is medication, because most medications can cause a headache, the best way to avoid headaches from a medication is to talk with the doctor before taking it. Often times, a headache can be caused by another medical condition that you may be taking.

Migraines can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you do not know the root cause. Fortunately, most people have a cure for a migraine attack but it is still important to keep an open mind and learn what can cause a migraine attack. Migraine attacks can be prevented by learning as much as you can about them.

Some of the things that can trigger a migraine are stress, dehydration, and even food. Stress and dehydration are the two main causes of migraines because they can increase the amount of blood flowing to the brain. This is usually a bad thing because the brain is trying to fight off the amount of blood flowing.

Food and stress are also common triggers of migraines as well because when dealing with stress, the body reacts by increasing blood pressure. This can cause a headache and when the body senses a lack of oxygen, it starts to produce the pain relievers that it uses in order to make sure that oxygen reaches the brain. Foods like alcohol and caffeine are also thought to be a trigger of a migraine because they can cause the body to release chemicals in the brain. These chemicals are thought to make the brain think that there is more oxygen in the bloodstream and the headache will go away.

Learning about these things can help people avoid them. Knowing these things is important because they can prevent migraine attacks by keeping your body calm and relaxed.

If you have ever suffered from a migraine, you know that they can be hard to treat, but they can be avoided. By knowing what is triggering the migraine, you can avoid those causes and be able to live life to its fullest and without having to experience the pain and suffering.

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