7 Most Common Symptoms of Diabetes – Infographic


Diabetes is a rampant disease these days. It’s usually a result of insufficient insulin in the body. For this reason, there’s a dangerously high amount of glucose in the blood. 

Here are some popular symptoms found in a diabetic individual:

  • Constant Urinating: Constant urination is a symptom observed in people with diabetes. This is usually because their kidneys want to rid their body of as much glucose as possible. 
  • Thrush/Genital Irritation: Low insulin and dangerously high blood glucose would lead to genital irritation and thrush. Consequently, itching becomes frequent in those parts. 
  • Thirst: As the kidneys try to remove excess glucose through urination, the body loses a lot of fluids. Hence, the urge or feeling to constantly drink water and stay hydrated. 
  • Fatigue: Due to the excess amounts of blood glucose, the cells don’t absorb glucose. This in turn leads to a general feeling of weakness and fatigue.
  • Reduction in Weight: In a diabetic individual, the body usually turns its focus from burning glucose as fuel to using muscle and fat instead. Consequently, the person shows a drastic reduction in weight. 
  • Reduced Wound Healing: EPCs are the cells primarily responsible for wound healing. However, diabetes usually causes a decline in the quantity of these cells. 

Poor Vision or Blindness: Diabetes can also lead to damaged vision, and in worse cases, blindness.

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