6 Possible Causes Of Itchy Breasts – Infographic


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There are a number of causes of itchy breasts that you will have to identify if you want to end the pain. It can be very frustrating, especially when you’re breastfeeding your child, and if it’s already started then it is even more difficult because there is nothing you can do at this point other than to wait.

This is a very painful condition and is something that can affect a lot of women, particularly those who breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding your child can actually make it worse because you will most likely start to scratch as well. If it becomes chronic then it can also affect milk production, so to avoid this problem you will need to find out what is causing it in the first place.

One of the possible causes of itchy breasts is when there is too much exposure to the sun. If you have a lot of time spent in the sun then this can definitely lead to itchy nipples. If you have a lot of contact with the sun then you might want to consider a good sunscreen and to cover part of the breast that is bothering you. You may have to purchase a bigger bathing suit for your whole body if you really want to take it seriously.

Other times the cause can also be related to a change of diet. For example, eating too many sweet things can cause itchy breasts as well. You have to be careful with this though because not all sweet foods are bad. Some can actually be quite helpful.

Certain hormones can also affect your breasts. For instance, those that are going through menopause can also contribute to itchy breasts.

Smoking also affects it because it has the same effect on your skin as it does on your hair. It is also not uncommon for women who smoke to develop some sort of allergy-related problem on their breasts. The best way to avoid it is to stop smoking, and if you’re concerned about something then get it checked by a doctor.

If none of the above are of any help then you can always try a breast massage. This is not very effective but it can help a bit. Some women prefer it over surgery because of the fact that it doesn’t require surgery and the healing can last a lot longer.

However, it’s not recommended to do a breast massage every day. Only if it is necessary and the skin is really that sensitive. Just keep in mind that if you feel like you are having an allergic reaction then get it checked out by your doctor, otherwise, just keep trying until you have found the solution to your problem.

There are also some natural remedies you can try. For example, honey has been used for many years to help alleviate itchy breast problems. It’s actually not that difficult to make your own at home. All you need is to gather a few drops of honey and add them to your bathwater and you have yourself an instant remedy. Another option is apple cider vinegar. I know it sounds crazy but it really does work. Simply pour some vinegar in a cup of water and mix it up so that it is a paste consistency. Apply it to your breasts and wait a few minutes and the itchiness will go away.

Both of these methods will help relieve the itching, but they also have other benefits. Apple cider vinegar is known for its antibacterial properties and will kill off the bacteria that cause your problem. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and helps to improve circulation in the area.

If none of these solutions seem to work you can always just wear a shirt that fits well or simply use anti-itch cream as needed. Just remember that whatever you choose to alleviate this issue, you should not let it happen again.

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