6 Most Ignored Causes Of Back Pain – Infographic


Back pains are rampant in people of different age groups. These pains can be very uncomfortable, and can also hinder daily activities. 

There are different things that can lead to the development of back pain. It’s important to know them, so as to avoid doing them. 

These things are:

  • Staying Still: One of the common things that lead to the aggravation of back pain is staying still. Lying down for prolonged periods doesn’t improve back pain. Rather, it worsens it. 
  • Chronic Issues: There are certain deformities or irregularities in the back that can cause persistent chronic pain. Some accident-inflicted injuries can also cause long-term back pain. 
  • Fashion Accessories: Some fashion accessories, like shoulder bags, can put pressure on the back in uncomfortable positions. In the long run, this could lead to development or aggravation of back pain. 
  • Desk-Job: Sitting at a desk for prolonged hours isn’t healthy for the back. It may lead to persistent backache.
  • Weak Muscles: There are muscles that support the back. However, if these muscles are too weak, it can result in a poor distribution of weight and consequently result in back pain. 

Stress: Back pain is among the many negative effects of stress.

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