5 Steps To Quit Overeating – Infographic


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We all deserve that weekend cheat day for all the hard work we’ve done during the rest of the workweek. Though occasional binging of food isn’t harmful, overeating can cause unwanted discomforts in the body. 

Here’s how I totally forgot about overeating and started to live more actively than ever!

  • Envisioning a realistic fitness goal is a great start. Knowing what your target is will push you to take baby steps into achieving your goal. 
  • Drop your food rules such as having mid-snacks in between just because it’s on the schedule and pay attention to when your body feels hungry and consume only an ample amount for you to feel good.
  • Forgetting about cheat days is a great habit to develop as cheat day results in anxiety which causes overeating. Enjoy your favorite dessert whenever you want to while still being mindful of your health.
  • Own your decisions and food choices! Remember your goals and make them a big factor when choosing when and which food to eat.
  • Understand why you overeat and stop reasoning out why you need to overeat. Regardless if you’re bored or stressed, remember that overeating will cause more harm than good.
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