The 5 Rules For A High-Performance Body – Infographic


There are some principles to follow if you want to keep your body in high performance. 

These include:

  • Eating at Timed Intervals: To keep your body in high performance, you should eat at timed intervals; preferable 3 to 4 hours intervals. The meals eaten don’t all have to be large. You can just eat some light refreshments. 
  • The Foods Eaten Should Include Some Protein-Rich Items: As you strive for a high-performance body, high-protein meals will go a long way to help. High-protein meals can be gotten from animal products. Some of these protein-rich foods include beef, milk, fish, and more. 
  • Consume Vegetables: In addition to high-protein meals, you should also add vegetables to your food plan. Vegetables are highly beneficial to your high body performance. 
  • Eat Carb-Rich Foods After Exercise: Don’t eat carb-filled meals during exercise. Rather, they should be eaten after you’re done exercising. Carb-rich foods include potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, and more. 

Add a Healthy Amount of Fats to Your Meal Plan: Your meal plan for high performance shouldn’t be void of fat. However, these fats should be in healthy quantities. This is because excessive levels of fat would lead to adverse effects on your health.

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