5 Resistance Band Exercises That Burn Fat and Build Muscle – Infographic


If you are looking to find a way to burn fat and build muscle then look no further than resistance bands. They have been used for decades by bodybuilders and athletes but were only recently made available to the public in the form of home gym equipment. The band is one of the most effective ways to tone up and lose fat from your body.

The reason that resistance bands are so beneficial for building muscle is that they stimulate the growth of muscle tissue. When a person is working out with resistance bands they are using tension and force on the muscles to contract and expand. This increases the size, strength, and flexibility of the muscle.

There are many different exercises that can be done with resistance bands. The exercise that is the most common is the pushup. The pushup is done by laying down on a flat surface and holding on to the band with your hands behind your head. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees should be bent. You must then lower yourself slowly into a pushup position by bending your elbows. Once you have reached the bottom of the movement, begin raising your arms up as high as you can. Your elbows should be straight. Remember not to lock your elbows at the top of your upper body will be in a position that you are unable to perform the movement correctly.

Another great way to work out with a band is by doing pull-ups. This is a great way to work your biceps without the use of a barbell. To do pull-ups simply take two resistance bands and lay them flat on the ground in front of you. Take your dominant hand and place it between your palms with the palm facing up. Next, bring the second hand around and grip it between the fingers with the palm facing down and simply use your palms to pull yourself up.

A great way to work out with the bands is also by using a pulley. You will need a set of pulleys for this to work properly and will be recommended to use only while you are at home. By using a pulley you will be able to increase the intensity of the workout and burn off more fat than you would by performing other weightlifting movements. If you want to try out the band exercise machine but are not sure how to do so, then you can go to the nearest home gym and ask one of the instructors to help you with a band. You will find that they are very helpful because you are going to need someone who can demonstrate how to use and operate the machine properly in order to get you into the proper starting position. Remember to start light before you add weights.

Another good reason to use resistance bands as opposed to other weightlifting machines is that they do not require any type of dumbbells. You will not have to buy weights and spend a fortune in the long run on dumbbells to build muscle.

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