4 Steps To Sustainable Weight Loss – Infographic


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The 4 Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss is a program created by the Atkins Diet. It teaches the dieter how to make a change in their eating habits so they can lose weight and keep it off. The diet program includes six lifestyle changes that individuals must follow in order to lose weight.

The first step in the diet plan is to develop a list of foods you enjoy. Then, write down the “don’t like” words and the food that does not agree with your list. These are called “trigger foods.” You should eliminate them from your diet plan and replace them with the foods you like.

Your second step is to make changes in your food choices. Make certain that you do not choose food combinations that will have you feeling full, but then give you a little energy. You can substitute lean meats and vegetables for these foods, and you may also want to choose a salad with a different dressing, such as Caesar or balsamic, instead of high-fat dressing. Eat less red meat and substitute with poultry and fish.

The third step is to make sure that the portions you are eating are appropriate for your age, sex, and activity level. Do not eat too much or too little, but instead try to eat a moderate amount of each food group. If you need to cut down a lot on your portions, do so slowly and gradually.

The fourth step is to limit the consumption of foods containing fats. Some people can have the good luck of being able to cut back on saturated fats, while others find that they cannot tolerate these types of fats and must limit their intake.

There are many people who find that the 4 Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss works best for them. They find that when they follow the program, they can reduce the number of calories that they take in and feel full long before they have to stop eating, and that they can eat fewer servings of any food and still be satisfied.

Another aspect of the sustainable weight loss program is that the foods that you eat are more likely to be better for you than what you might eat if you were eating “American” style. This means that you are eating foods that are lower in calories, less likely to be full, and have a higher glycemic index and that the vitamins and nutrients are being replaced by antioxidants that will fight free radicals in your body.

If you have tried other methods of weight loss and have failed to keep up with your healthy lifestyle, you might want to consider going to a local holistic health center for a consultation. A doctor might be able to help and will evaluate your current situation and discuss ways that they can help you lose weight and improve your overall health. In addition, your doctor may be able to help you work with your nutritionist to change the foods that you consume.

While the steps to sustainable weight loss might seem difficult, the diet program has been shown to be successful for many people. Many people who have lost weight after following this plan have continued on with it. Those who follow the program have improved their health, energy levels, and are more physically active than they have ever been before.

Those who have tried the diet have found that when they continue to use the plan, they have found that it helps them maintain their weight loss and maintain a healthy weight even after they have achieved their goals. While they have seen some results, those who go off the plan and try to lose again in a few months have to wait a little longer than those who keep at it but are able to maintain their new weight.

By using a balanced eating program and making small changes in the way that you eat, you can see positive results that include weight loss, energy, and a healthy lifestyle. You can begin to lose weight today.

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