4 Reasons Why You Might See Blood In Your Poop – Infographic


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The first and most obvious reason for a change in stools is that a toilet develops a leak or becomes contaminated, which can cause the stool to be hard or soft. Also, when the water level in your toilet rises above the top of the bowl, it will leave a layer of hardened fecal matter on the bowl surface. This hardened fecal matter has a greasy consistency and is easily removed.

This type of fecal matter can also become a breeding ground for bacteria if left to settle. When bacteria breed, they create harmful bacteria which can lead to a number of different conditions. Fecal matter that has settled on the floor can also collect dust particles and dust mites. These small creatures feed off of feces, which can result in a host of unpleasant symptoms such as itchiness and irritation.

The main reason you might see blood in your poop is when your bowel movements are irregular. Irregularity will lead to an abnormal amount of waste products, which can cause a problem in the area around your anus and on your lower intestines.

Another reason you may see blood in your poop is if your stool is excessively hard and dry, which can be caused by several factors including food allergies, constipation, and dehydration. If your diet has a lot of fiber, it will help to keep your stools soft and moist. If your diet is very poor in fiber, it can cause your stool to be very hard and dry.

If your stool is extremely hard and dry, it will also create a barrier between the feces and the walls of your colon. This barrier is what keeps harmful bacteria from reaching your colon’s digestive tract.

By following a healthy eating program and using natural laxatives, you can rid yourself of the toxins that lead to feces that are hard and dry. As long as these toxins are removed from your body, you can avoid the problems that result from an abnormal amount of fecal matter.

Another cause of blood in your poop is if you have a parasite or a bacterial infection. These parasites and bacteria can both enter your body through a cut or break in your intestinal walls.

Parasites can invade your body through cuts and breaks that are caused by a variety of things, including surgery. You should try to seek out medical attention immediately after any surgery to prevent further infections from forming and further infecting your intestines. Bacterial infections can come about in many ways and can form when there are food allergies in your diet.

It is possible to get a bacterial infection if your digestive tract is unable to break down certain foods effectively. If you are trying to use antibiotics on your pet for a long period of time, the medication may lead to the growth of bacteria in your pet’s system.

You should also pay close attention to how you are taking care of your intestinal health. Taking care of this area is one of the first steps toward better health.

Even though antibiotics are necessary for bacterial infections, they can also kill too many good bacteria that are needed to maintain intestinal health. This can cause a problem if you don’t properly nourish your pet’s body in general.

You need to give yourself a healthy, balanced, and simple diet that includes a variety of foods. In addition, you should take a daily supplement to make sure that the food you eat is not full of toxins. Along with a well-balanced diet and a daily supplement, you will also want to start taking a good probiotic if you see blood in your poop. It will ensure that the good bacteria are keeping the bad bacteria out of your body.

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