18 Uncomfortable Truths About Nutrition, Health, And Fitness – Infographic


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In our modern world, many people want to find the most uncomfortable truths about nutrition, health, and fitness. These are truths that you might not want to admit to, but they are a fact of life if you do not live in harmony with your own body. Many of us have been led to believe that what we eat is all that matters when it comes to our health and in fact, the food we eat is not even the most important thing to us. Instead, it is the “good” things we eat that will make all the other things we do well worthwhile.

The reality is that diet and exercise play a key role in keeping us healthy and away from chronic illness and health problems. The fact that we have so many myths surrounding these two things means that we are in the midst of an ongoing struggle between the two. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and how they might impact your daily routine.

Eating unhealthy foods is bad for your health, and it may seem like this myth has no basis in fact, but it is definitely supported by the scientific community. There is a strong connection between eating unhealthy foods and weight gain. We all know that having healthy diets and exercising regularly can help you lose weight, but eating too much of the wrong types of foods can actually add pounds.

Eating less of something is always better than eating more of it, but unfortunately, this myth is more than just a myth. In many cases, eating less of something helps your body function at its best while eating more of it could actually be harmful. For example, if you eat less protein, your body will burn up the proteins.

Having a healthy lifestyle can have a significant impact on your health, however, many people think that simply following a set of guidelines will help them achieve their goals and maintain their health. In many cases, it can be easier to go back to being unhealthy than it is to change your habits.

Not enough exercise can actually be harmful to your health. While it is true that there are some exercises that you should avoid when you have diabetes or heart disease, other exercises can actually improve your condition and keep you healthy. This includes walking, yoga, swimming, dancing, cycling, aerobics, and martial arts, and more.

Eating too many unhealthy foods can also affect your health. Unfortunately, not only can junk foods add pounds to your waist, but they can also increase your chance of being overweight. In addition, junk foods contain high amounts of fat and calories, and too much of any substance can hurt you.

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