12 Juicing Recipes That Don’t Suck – Infographic


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If you are looking for some new juicing recipes that don’t suck, then this article is just right for you. Odds are you’re not going to have a bunch of vegetables and fruits sitting in your fridge, but once you learn how, you’ll be able to juice up whatever you want. Juicing is actually a great thing to do, but sometimes it can get a bit difficult.

First of all, you need to know what types of fresh vegetables and fruits you should include. For instance, green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and cabbage make great, fresh juices because they are so healthy and very nutritious.

As for fruits, they can also be a great way to juice. You can eat fresh fruit on their own or mix them with other fruits for a smoothie or drink. For example, strawberries can really give you the energy boost you need.

It’s also a bad idea to juice a lot of potatoes. The reason why is because they are high in starch and starchy foods like potatoes tend to slow down the process of your digestive system, thus slowing down the digestion process. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on the starchy ones.

You may be wondering how juice can get digested by the body at all if it goes through such a long cooking process. Well, when you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, it goes through all the stages of digestion. The process of digestion begins with the stomach acids, goes down the small intestine, and then ends up at the bloodstream. When the digestion process slows down, the nutrients in your food will not be absorbed into your body as fast as they would be if the process was sped up. However, you will still be getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need which is why it’s important to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another good thing about juicing is that it will help to flush out toxins from your body. Since you’re getting more nutrients from the food that you eat, you’re getting all the nutrients that you need. Plus, you’re going to have more energy than you would normally, and the overall digestion process will go faster.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be great for juicing recipes that don’t suck, but they can also be great for other reasons. It’s just a matter of finding the right juicing recipe for you.

A lot of people get a new juicer each year and they just throw some seeds and stuff in there and forget about it. It can be very hard to eat fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis and you should really start eating them more often.

You should also get more protein into your diet. Juicing recipes that don’t suck also need to include a lot of protein because they’re going to slow down the digestion process. As a result, you’re going to lose weight much quicker if you get more protein into your diet.

You should also drink lots of water throughout the day because water helps your digestion process tremendously and helps you get rid of toxins faster. You can easily make tea or coffee in the morning with your morning meals or on an empty stomach. Drinking plenty of water will help you get the nutrients you need in the most healthy way possible.

As well, you should also drink plenty of water throughout the day. Just make sure you keep your water intake at one liter a day and you’re going to make sure your body gets all the nutrients that it needs to function properly.

The biggest secret to juicing foods that don’t suck is to always read the labels and get all the nutrients you need. It’s also very important that you get enough protein.

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