11 Myths About Fasting and Meal Frequency – Infographic


The intermittent fasting diet is one of the latest trends in weight loss. It worked for many people in terms of losing weight. 

Before you join in the craze, here are some of the myths that you need to know about fasting:

  • Frequent Eating Boosts Metabolism

There’s no difference in the number of calories that you can burn even if you eat more frequently. What really matters is the total calorie intake and the macronutrient breakdown of the foods that you eat.

  • Eating Frequently Can Minimize the Feeling of Hunger

Some people believe that snacking often can help to minimize cravings and prevent excessive hunger. Several studies have looked into this, however, the result is often mixed.

  • Eating Many Smaller Meals Can Help with Weight Loss

Frequent eating won’t boost metabolism but it will only increase the calorie count. Also, eating regularly, even if these are smaller meals won’t prevent or minimize hunger.

  • Brain Requires a Constant Supply of Glucose

Some people think that if we stop eating carbs, our brains will stop working. However, this is simply not true.

  • Snacking Often is Good for Your Health

Snacking often doesn’t come with health benefits because it’s not simply normal for the body to be in a state that’s being fed constantly. 

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