10 Winter Skin Care Tips – Infographic


While the weather outside is often quite harsh, you do have control over how your skin looks and feels in the winter months without resorting to the harsh chemicals in commercial skincare products that many manufacturers use. While you cannot always avoid the cold, you still have control over how your skin looks and feels through the harsh winter season. Here are the top ten winter skincare tips to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and moisturized during the months of winter.

It is very important that you use Natural Skin Care Products. Just like their name, natural skincare products are made from all-natural ingredients that are proven safe for use in everyday skincare products. These types of products include herbal oils, which are great for softening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Also look for anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin E, which helps repair the outer layers of the skin as well as helping to retain moisture in the skin, which will help you feel softer and smoother throughout the cold winter months.

Use skincare products that are water-based, because these products are less likely to cause damage to the skin. While many cosmetics that you see are made with petroleum jelly or other petroleum-based ingredients, these types of products are often the biggest culprits of drying out the skin. This can lead to cracking, peeling, and even skin cancers. Instead, look for skincare products made with all-natural ingredients, which are not only safer but also more effective at soothing the skin throughout the harsh winter months.

Be sure to constantly apply moisturizing creams to dry skin. During the winter, it is very common to use moisturizers on dry skin, because the dryness is one of the first signs of cold weather. If you do not apply moisturizer to your dry skin, it will begin to crack, flake, and peel, leading to dry, chapped, and cracked skin. Applying a good quality moisturizing cream before you head out the door will also help to moisturize your dry skin, which will leave you with smoother, softer looking skin throughout the winter months.

When are you spending time outside, even in the winter, it is suggested that you apply sunscreen. When you travel, be sure to use sunblock on the entire body. While it is not the best way to protect yourself in the summer, it can help to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun during the winter months when the sun is most intense. When choosing sunscreens, look for those with SPF protection.

Wear long sleeves over bottoms because long sleeves and skirts allow you to maintain your warm, cozy appearance throughout the winter. This will help to keep you from sweating, while also allowing you to have a comfortable appearance as well. A long top will help protect your neck and arms, while a short skirt will allow you to show off your legs, which is an attractive feature during the winter.

Maintain your skincare routine regularly. Doing a skin maintenance routine will help you maintain healthy, younger-looking skin throughout the year. As with any type of skin maintenance routine, you need to make sure that you start off slowly and build up to this routine over time so that you will continue to have a healthier, more radiant skin all year long.

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