10 Signs and Symptoms that You are in Ketosis – Infographic


If you feel that you’re in Ketosis, here are some symptoms that can confirm if you really are or aren’t: 

  • Bad Breath: One of the common symptoms associated with Ketosis is bad breath. A lot of people start experiencing this symptom once they get to that stage. 
  • More Ketones in Blood: People that adopt the Ketogenic diet experience a drop in their blood sugar level and get a boost of Ketone level. 
  • More Ketones in Urine and Breath: There’s usually an increase in ketone content when an individual is placed on Ketogenic diet. This means that you’ll expect an increased level of ketone content in your breath and urine. 
  • Reduction in Appetite: Although the reasons aren’t clear yet, it has been observed that individuals placed on a ketogenic diet usually experience a loss in appetite. 
  • Boosted Energy and Focus: Ever heard of the Keto Flu? It’s one of the early signs experienced when an individual adopts the Ketogenic diet for the first time. It’s basically a feeling of tiredness.
  • Short-Term Fatigue: An early side effect of the Ketogenic diet is weakness/fatigue. Many people are subjected to these feelings when they’re new to the Keto diet. 
  • Short-Term Reduction in Performance: Considering the fact that Keto diet sheds carb levels, it’s expected for people on the diet to experience a short-term reduction in performance. 
  • Digestive Issues: When you’re just starting out with the Keto diet, you’ll have to discard the consumption of some meals. Because of this change in diet, your body reacts with digestive issues like constipation. 
  • Insomnia: Insomnia is a typical effect that’s experienced at the beginning of a Ketogenic diet. 

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