10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Magnesium – Infographic


Magnesium is the fourth most available mineral in our bodies. It also plays a number of very important roles, especially in our overall physiology. 

The following are some of the evidence-based benefits of magnesium:

  • Magnesium is involved in hundreds of important physiological and biochemical processes in our bodies. Without it, we may not be able to function at all.
  • There are certain properties in magnesium that can help a lot in fighting off depression and anxiety.
  • We have also seen research suggesting that regular intake of magnesium can help boost energy and exercise performance.
  • Magnesium also has dozens of anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a great solution for joint and muscle health.
  • It’s also possible for this important mineral to prevent the development of migraines.
  • Regular intake of magnesium also helps to reduce insulin resistance. This means that it’s a very effective component in the fight against Type 2 diabetes.
  • Magnesium is also one of the more readily available substances in the world right now. You can get it through food or supplements if and when you need it.
  • As for women, magnesium also helps to reduce and manage the symptoms of PMS, leaving you feeling stronger and in the right mood.

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