Ways to Achieve A Male Stripper Body: Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Tips


Men envy their bodies. Women admire their well-chiseled form. How do you achieve a perfect body like a male stripper? And more importantly, how do they keep fit and strong to carry on their task teasing people despite many temptations like junk foods, alcohol, and smoking. Here, we will give some guidance on how you can achieve a fit, healthy, muscular body – male stripper style. 

Their eye-catching looks and bodies are the result of hard work and dedication. Magic Men is one group which have put careful time and effort into their physiques to give the best experience for their patrons at their shows. It takes time to build the ideal physique of a stripper. Consistency in following a diet and exercise regimen is also a part of the hunk-building journey. We’ve summed up their lifestyle, diet, and exercise tips to help you achieve a body to die for.

Clean and Healthy Diet of Strippers Not for the Faint-hearted

A male strippers diet is composed of low carb, high-protein foods with little to no sugar content. Their major fuel source of sugar is “clean carbohydrates” like brown rice and fresh fruits. Foods with high protein content such as chicken, fish, and turkey help them build muscle. They are also very particular of the type of fat to use. They take advantage of good fats from avocado and olive oil and have a habit of removing excess bad fats coming from steak. With fast foods and restaurants emerging, they still managed to limit or eliminate foods with trans fat because they know how bad it can affect their journey to achieving a great stud.

Not all male strippers have a macho physique when they started out. So, some started cutting down on sugary drinks from their old lifestyle in order to slim down and build muscles. Moreover, they have a very strenuous physical activity and hydration also plays an important part in their diet. They take their fluids seriously to avoid dehydration from their exercise, dancing routine, and even the gigs and from the performance itself.

High-intensity Workout to Keep Male Strippers in Incredible Shape

Rocking a hard six-pack is impossible if without a proper work-out routine. Male strippers have a rigorous exercise regimen that needs to be done daily or within 5-6 days per week. They combine different types of exercises and high-intensity interval training for variation and to take care of all the muscles of the body. Cardiovascular exercises strengthen their lungs and help them trim down fats. You can start with jogging, doing the treadmill, cycling, among others to keep the heart rate up and boost the stamina. This workout helps them to be at their best especially during peaked booking where they have to perform one after another.

Other exercise variation also includes weight lifting and legs workout. Choose from squats, lunges and kick to keep the leg muscles working. Aside from working on their abs, upper and lower abdominal muscles are also taken into consideration. Few of their favourite routines are: leg raises, planks, ab crunches, and curl-ups. These are pretty high-intensity workout but are attainable if with perseverance and the right discipline. Male strippers not only aim for a good face and abs but a well-proportioned body as well. 


Tips and Lifestyle To Live By

Aside from diet and physical activity, hygiene is also important in maintaining a good appearance – male stripper or not. Minimal body hair, moisturized skin, no body-odour, are some of the things to watch out for. And though they have hectic schedule stripping, and dancing, it is important for them that they have enough rest to build muscle fast and to recuperate lost energy from busy days.

Goals like having a fit and healthy body is achievable if one is passionate and is on focus. There is no shortcut to success and no overnight-made abs. But if you focus on the prize and have the right mindset, you can accomplish anything – including a healthy, muscular body worth looking.


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