The Ultimate Guide To Celebrity Like Body Workout


Have you ever wished you could get the body of the celebrities? Of course, you have! Anyone who says they haven’t imagined the body of a celebrity at least once is lying.

There’s this view that a celebrity’s body is perfect. They have the perfect waist, arms, legs, and more. Celebrities are desirable and models for how to look in life. The problem is getting those beautiful bodies.

After all, celebrity bodies take time and effort. They, of course, have that time and effort because of the amount of money they make. They can afford dietician and personal trainers to follow them around the world. They can afford people to make their meals for them.

What about us? Are we doomed never to have the same type of bodies? Of course not! With a little effort and willpower, we can get a celebrity like a body. Here’s the perfect workout plan to help you get the shape of your dreams.

Start with the Arms

Jessica Biel is the one to watch for her arms. The celebrity does have a secret weapon in the form of personal trainer Jason Walsh, but anyone can do the exercise that he suggests. It’s all about the push-ups.

Walsh shares that push-ups are necessities for women, even though many would prefer to stay away. Push-ups are the best option when it comes to the arm workouts because they can work for different muscle groups. You can move your hand placement to work the triceps, biceps, shoulders, and more.

You can start with push-ups on your knees if you wish, but you want to work up to the full body ones as soon as possible. If you’re struggling on your knees, start with push-ups against the wall or on a table top first to build up some strength.

Push-ups aren’t just about the arms. You’ll need to keep stability in your legs and core. Your abs will need to be pulled completely in, keeping your back flat and butt down.

When doing the full push-up, lay flat on the floor on your stomach, with your hands tucked underneath your shoulders. Push up onto your hands, so your weight is only on your hands and toes. Keep that back flat throughout the exercise. If you feel your back arch with your tummy reaching the ground, you’ll need to pull your stomach muscles in more.

Lower until the tops of your arms are parallel to the floor and then raise yourself back up. Do 10 repetitions of them and then lower to the floor and take a 30-second break. Repeat the exercise two more times, so you do three sets of 10 push-ups.

As you gain strength, you’ll be able to do more with your sets. Go up to 12 and then 15 and so on. If you’re doing them against a wall, move down to your knees and then the full body press-ups before increasing the reps too high. You may find you need to reduce your reps as you move into harder positions.

You can change the placement of your hands to work on different parts of your body. Tucking your fingers inward will work your biceps, whereas turning your fingers out will make your triceps work harder. You can also work different areas by putting your hands further than shoulder width apart or pulling them in to create a diamond with your fingers.

Moving onto the Shoulders and Back

Halle Berry takes the advice of the man behind the 5-Factor Diet. Harley Pasternak encourages his clients to do dumbbell back rows to strengthen the back and shoulders fully. The exercise specifically works on the muscles that connect the shoulder blades and spine, the rhomboids. With a stronger upper back, your posture will be improved.

You only need a small weight to start this exercise. A 5lb dumbbell is perfect. If you don’t have weights, you can use tins of beans or filled water bottles. Have one weight for each hand.

Sit on a stability ball and bend at the waist to make sure your upper body is parallel to the floor. When on the stability ball, the chest will be on the knees, and the arms will hang on the floor. Lift your arms, drawing the elbows backward so the shoulder blades touch and then lower the weights back down.

You want to do this exercise 20 times with a 30-second break. Do three sets of the exercise.

As it becomes easier, you’ll want to increase the weight slowly.

Get the Perfect Legs

It’s time for some effort on those legs. These are one of the most problematic parts of the body for many women. Celebrities seem to have them just right, especially celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow. Well, it’s time for her leg-busting secret.

Paltrow’s secrets come from the fitness expert Tracy Anderson. She likes to do the crossover leg lift, which is one of the easier exercises on this list. It’s one that you can do at home without lots of specialist equipment.

Start on your right hip, leaning on your right forearm and left hand for some support. Keep the right leg bent, with the foot, tucked behind, and the left leg crossed over extended out in front.

Raise the left leg to the ceiling as high as possible without rocking and then lower back down. Do these 25 times, working your way to 50 as you get better at the exercise. Once you’ve done your set, roll onto the other side and repeat it all with your right leg.

You then want to switch back to the left side, doing at least 3 sets on each side.

The legs are one of the strongest parts of your body, so start with more reps than you would with your arms. You want to feel the muscles aching but not in pain.

Work Those Abs

What about the abdominals? While your push-ups will help, there are other exercises that you want to do. Jessica Alba is known for her amazing abs, and she’s always the celebrity women want to be like. Well now you can with this workout.

It’s known as the Squat Thrust and is perfect for the burning of calories. Not only do you build muscle, but you get rid of the fat at the same time.

Start in a squat position with your hands on the floor by your feet. You’ll want to make sure your hands are flat and your fingers wide for the support. Jump and push your feet backward, landing them outright into a plank position. Keep your back straight and butt down, holding the position while you draw your stomach muscles in.

Jump and bring your feet forward again, back into the starting position. Repeat this exercise nine more times and take a 30-second break. You want to do 3 sets of 10 reps each.

As you get better at these, you can add in a jump at the very end. You turn your squat thrusts into a burpee!

Want Another Ab Exercise?

An ab exercise that isn’t quite as energetic as the twisting plank. This sees your plank and raises it a few notches, working on the oblique muscles as well as the abs.

Start in the plank position, keeping your butt down and back straight. Raise the right leg and draw your knee to the left elbow. You’ll feel a slight twist in your abdomen, meaning you’ll feel your center of gravity switch. Engage the abs to keep yourself stationary.

Place your leg back out into the plank position and repeat with the left leg. This completes one repetition of the exercise. You want to do at least 10 repetitions with a 30-secondbreak and then do another two sets.

If you need to do the plank on your knees, you’ll need to pull yourself to your feet to be able to draw the knee up. Lower your repetitions to five until you’re able to complete them.

Finish with the Butt

Finally, it’s time to shape that butt. It’s arguably the most problematic area for women. We’re constantly worried about the size of our behind, especially how it looks in skirts, pants, and dresses. Well, it’s time to follow the lessons of Jennifer Aniston to get the perfect butt.

Aniston takes the advice of Cameron Shayne, who is known for the creation of Budokon. This is a program that combines but martial arts and yoga together. You don’t just gain flexibility and strength, but you can also become one with yourself. Yoga won’t see as boring when you combine it with some martial arts.

Shayne loves to recommend the dancing half-moon kick, which stretches out the lower back and hips, toning the butt at the same time. Start the position standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, with your knees bent and toes pointing outwards.

Push your weight to your right leg and then straighten out the left. Pretend you’re holding a large ball and bend sideways at the middle of your bent knee.

Your hands should now touch just in front of the right foot, creating three touching points on the floor. Extend the left leg upwards towards the ceiling, like the three-point Warrior 3 pose. Don’t try to push your leg too high up right now, especially as you straighten your right leg. You should feel a slight stretch but not a pull.

Lower the left leg and raise the body up, returning to the starting position. You want to do 12 repetitions of this exercise and then repeat on the other side.

Sweat for 60 Minutes

One of the reasons celebrities will hire personal trainers is for the support. They have someone to push them when all they want to do is take a break.

Too many of us will check emails or recover between sets and count those minutes as part of the workout. They’re not countable. You want to do 60 minutes of the physical workout, whether you’re doing bodyweight exercises, working on the Cross Fit, or pounding gravel in your run. Only count the minutes of your workout that you’re physically doing something.

You’ll soon find that your 60-minute workouts have only been 30-45 minutes of sweating. You’re not quite burning the calories that you thought, meaning you’re not doing the work of the celebrities.

The likes of Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lawrence will work out for the full time. Yes, it helps that they have the personal trainer pushing them, but it’s also important that they know when they’re working out.

To help you kick your workouts up a notch, you can pretend that someone is watching you. Even if you’re all alone in the house, pretend that you have a personal trainer barking orders at you or a friend who is constantly watching your progress. We all tend to work harder when we know there are people watching because we fear their judgment.

It’s Also About the Diet

You can’t just get the celebrity body from the workouts above. You need to make sure you follow the celebrity diets. Okay, you don’t have to follow the famed Cabbage Diet or the Baby Food Diet or whatever else Aniston is following right now. You don’t have to go to the raw vegan diet that Paltrow follows.

You want a diet that gives you the energy throughout the day and gets all the nutrients you need. It should be a diet that creates a small calorie deficit, helping you to lose weight while you do the exercise. Get a good balance of protein, healthy carbs, and the right fats. You’ll be surprised by how much better you feel with a healthy diet.

Most of all, it’s all about the effort. You need the willpower to make the diet and exercise work for you. Celebrities have their trainers to help. You need to have the motivation within yourself for the celebrity like body.

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