The Top 10 Health Blogs for Women


There are just so many blogs out there offering advice. They focus on health, fitness, nutrition, and much more for women. Some of them are run by professional doctors, dieticians, and nutritional experts, while others are personal blogs that are focused on a way of life.

While you’re a fan of Positive Health Wellness that doesn’t mean, we expect you to only get your advice from here. In fact, there are many other places that we recommend you turn to for various needs and reasons. After all, one blog just can’t cover it all.

Here are the top 10 health blogs for women that you need to follow right now.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Would you love to get fit but just can’t fit that into your daily routine? There’s just so much going on. We all have busy lives. As women, we try to do it all – and we push ourselves to prove that we’re just as good as one of the guys. Often, we overwork and forget about ourselves and neglect our own fitness and health.

Fit Bottom Girls was designed by women just like you. Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters have been right where you are – they’re still where you are. They wanted their workouts to be enjoyable and fit within their busy schedules.

The blog approaches fitness and health practically and in a light-hearted way. It’s not just full of exercise tips, but also advice and funny moments. There’s a personality in this blog that you can’t get with my other fitness blogs out there. This is the place to be if you want motivation and a laugh.

Supercharged Food is run by a mom and health fanatic. Lee Holmes wants to make sure you live the healthiest possible life, without having to sacrifice too much.

This is the place to visit if you want to take a more holistic approach to life. There’s no judgment if you only want to focus on the part of your life being more holistically or if you’re not sure about where to start.

One of the best things about Holmes is that she’s certified and qualified. She’s a holistic health and wellness coach in Australia and a chef! She knows all the best sugar-free recipes that don’t taste sugar-free. She’s created gluten and wheat free recipes that are extremely easy to make, whatever your schedule.

Like many others on our list, Holmes isn’t just following a holistic life for fun. She suffered from fibromyalgia and turned to a holistic lifestyle to get away from the pain killers and boost her energy levels. Now she uses Supercharged Food to help you get away from big pharma too.

Diary of an Aspiring Loser Maintainer

So, the blog name is a bit of a mouthful, but the actual blog is powerful. This is a weight loss blog, focusing on a personal journey to help motivate and support you on your own. Unlike many other weight loss blogs, there is a personal touch to this. Michelle Funez shares her own personal journey, as she lost weight and is now focusing on maintaining that.

She doesn’t have a perfect life and it’s not easy. Raising two kids as a divorced single mom makes the weight loss journey even harder. However, she was determined to live the healthiest life for her kids and now she’s helping others do the exact same. She shares her difficulty in eating well and boosting her fitness levels to do triathlons.

The best thing is that there is a maintenance section. This isn’t just about half of the journey because we all know keeping the weight off is the hardest part!


Thinking about trying yoga? Have been doing it for years? Well, YogaDork is the website for everyone. Yoga workouts are hard and excellent for the posture and flexibility, but it can seem like a lonely world – especially if you do your yoga at home.

YogaDork is run by a group of yoga fans, with contributing writers and bloggers every now and then. This is the place for advice on the latest techniques, lawsuits in the industry, and infographics to help create the perfect yoga routine. There is always something to keep you entertained on a weekly basis while offering some of the best advice that you can get for free.

Oh, and if you want to have some fun while you read about all things yoga, this is the place to come. After all, there’s the word “dork” in the name for a reason! There are plenty of re-imagining’s of Presidents as yoga teachers!

Lift Like a Girl

Adding “like a girl” at the end of a sentence has always been used as an insult. It would be easy to overlook this blog, thinking that it was going to be some chauvinistic dig at women and equality. Well, that certainly is the case. In fact, it’s one of the most empowering blogs overall of the Internet – and that says a lot considering there are literally millions of websites.

Nia Shanks takes the idea of “like a girl” as a compliment rather than an insult. In Life Like a Girl, she focuses on being encouraging and supportive for women of all shapes and sizes. She wants to help women get into the shape that they want to be and be more confident in their own current abilities.

There is a lot of focus on bodyweight exercises and boosting the core. This is the area of the body that many women struggle with, so focusing so much on it is beneficial.

But that’s not all! Shanks wants women to be proud of who they are inside, too. She offers a lot of advice and support on the mental side of things, so women can be confident in their own skin.

Thank Your Body

We tend to put ourselves down a lot. We focus so much on the things that we can’t do that we get annoyed with ourselves for failing. It’s time to take a step back and focus on the good. We need to thank our bodies for coping with everything that we throw at them.

The best way to thank our bodies is by supporting them through the right nutrition and beauty routines. This is where Thank Your Body comes into play. Robin Konie offers everything you could possibly need, whether you want a dessert that seems naughty but is extra good for you or makes your own mascara.

Konie focuses on the holistic approach to supporting your body. This isn’t just about food, but about the things that we do and use throughout the day. She helps women handle stress, move better, and just make sure that the body is put first always.

This isn’t just the place to go for recipe ideas, but also to find out why the recipes are so good for you. She breaks down all the nutrients and shares just how they are going to help support your system.

Holistic Squid

Have you ever question the mainstream advice that you hear? It always seems like someone has an agenda and you’re never sure whether the advice is right or not. After all, reports have been proven fabricated or exaggerated in the past.

Well, Emily Bartlett is with you. She has considered all the mainstream advice, questioning elements that she doesn’t quite agree with. She busts all the myths and makes sure you get all the facts.

At the same time, she wants to make sure that you have recipes in your arsenal and plenty of support to live a better life. Bartlett has a range of recipes, like delicious mug brownies, and tips on living a more holistic and beneficial life.

This will be one of those blogs that you want to follow. Get the alerts for new posts direct tor your email so you can read as soon as a new one comes out. And don’t forget to implement some of the changes to live a better and more fulfilling life.

The Infertility Voice

There is still a stigma around infertility, but there really shouldn’t be. The good news is Keiko Zoll agrees with that statement. And she goes one step further by offering advice to those who are suffering from infertility for whatever the reason.

Zoll knows exactly what her readers are going through. After finding out that she had premature ovarian failure, she took to blogging anonymously to find a way to cope with the condition. She gained a few followers and then decided to take the blog further by stepping out from behind the computer. A blog is now a place of guidance and support, without any judgment.

Rather than gloss over the condition and try to find a cure, Koll focuses on the life-altering disease and need for compassion and respect. She focuses on the emotional toll that it can have, as well as finding ways to cope with the disease. There is a whole library at your fingertips, where anyone with infertility can get answers, find others in similar situations, and even find out how to support those who are infertile.

Lazy Girl Running

For those who want help training for a marathon – or just want to increase their fitness abilities – Lazy Girl Running is the place to visit. Even those who absolutely hate exercise will find that this blog is perfect for them.

Founder and creator Laura Fountain had a negative attitude to running – an attitude that she has since changed completely. As she got closer to 30, she realized that the only person stopping her from being healthy was herself. She took up running, changing her mindset, but it wasn’t easy.  The great news is that she has now fallen in love with running and encourages everyone to take it up.

This isn’t just about learning to love exercise. Fountain has a series of posts for all beginners, including a guide to buying the perfect running shoes. She since runs her first marathon and has even taken to creating her won protein balls as the perfect healthy snack. As well as a blog, she has two books about her journey from unfit and overweight to fit and fabulous.

One of the best things that you will get from Lazy Girl Running is honest. The fountain is candid in her approach, sharing her real thoughts and feelings. She doesn’t miss the details, making it sound like a happy-clappy push for fitness. She recognizes that the changes will be hard and holds your hand to guide you to be just like her.

Girls Gone Strong

Molly Galbraith is the mastermind behind Girls Gone Strong. This is a woman who took to Facebook to encourage women to love their bodies and encourage one another – a post that went completely viral.

Galbraith is one of the co-founders with one dream: to support and encourage women to love themselves. The team behind the blog even make it clear in the About page that they don’t sell any “special shakes.” This isn’t about making money but empowering women.

Girls Gone Strong focuses on real strength training workouts to help lose fat, boost a workout, and gain muscle. This is about women focusing on their goals and becoming the people they want to be. There’s also plenty of support along the way.

There is advice for women in all walks of life. Some will be overweight, there are others who have just given birth, and women who want to train for their next marathon. Whatever your goals, this is a blog that you want to get into.

Where to Start?

Each blog above offers something unique for women. There will be blogs that stand out more for you than others. If you want to love running again, you may be drawn to Lazy Girl Running. Those who are infertile and trying to deal with the disease will want to visit The Infertility Voice first.

The list of blogs is just our 10 favorites. They focus on something for everyone, whatever your goals are in life. Start with the one that draws you in the most and then pick another. We know that you don’t always have time to read posts, so it’s best to start with the ones that you think are more suited to your current preferences, goals, and needs.

We hope you enjoy the 10 top health blogs for women. Be sure to come back and let us know which ones you enjoy the most.

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