Simple Stair Workouts to Do At Home


stair-workouts-image-design-1If you want to work out at home and you have stairs that you can use, you’ll find that learning some simple stair workouts to do at home will be a great way to get fit, without needing to spend money working out at a gym. Stairs provide users with challenging workouts and plenty of pure resistance. Today, we’d like to share information about some simple stair workouts which will give you the power to tone, burn calories and optimize health and fitness, without leaving the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Of course, you may also use outdoor stairs or stairs in other buildings. Stairs are everywhere, so it’s possible to enjoy an amazing workout without buying pricey fitness equipment, or any fitness equipment at all. Once you’ve discovered some simple stair workouts to do at home, you’ll be empowered.

You’ll find that these workouts are easy to do. A couple of them may have a slightly longer learning curve. The key to unlocking fitness is correct form, so be patient with yourself as you learn the ropes. Try to focus on doing each exercise properly, as this is the key to developing muscle tons and endurance. Fitness experts know that proper form is essential. However, any exercise is good, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you think that you might be having trouble obtaining the perfect form. Just try as hard as you can.

Now, let’s look at the workouts. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll find that they help you to get fit in a very convenient way which doesn’t cost a single penny. Stairs are often found at home, and they are also found outdoors and in other buildings. They are everywhere, and lots of fitness-conscious people use them to burn calories and improve muscle tone and development. In fact, a lot of celebrities use simple stair workouts in order to ensure that they are always camera-ready. You can do the very same today!

Why Stairs Workouts are Important and Beneficial

Woman exercising on the stairs

Exercise is important in general, and some forms of exercise provide exceptional benefits. One of them is a stair workout. Did you know that you’ll burn more calories when you do an intensive stair workout than you will when you go for a jog? Stair climbing is awesome cardio. It raises the heart rate, gets the blood pumping and promotes muscle growth and the toning of existing muscles. When you choose some simple stair workouts which are easy to do from home, you’ll access all of the benefits of stair workouts, without needing to get on a Stairmaster exercise machine!

To help you understand the value of stair workouts, we’ve compiled some interesting statistics. For example, if you climb only 8 flights’ worth of stairs each day, you may decrease your risk of early death by up to thirty-three percent. Also, you should know that just seven moments of stair-climb activity daily may decrease the threat of having a heart attack over the next decade of your life. As well, adding just a couple of minutes of this activity per day may keep middle-aged spread at bay. As you may already know, our metabolisms slow down as we age and we need to consume fewer calories to maintain our weight and not gain weight. When you burn calories via stair workouts, you may be able to consume more calories without gaining. This is definitely a good thing!

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of stair workouts let’s talk about some great stair workouts that are easy to do. We’re featuring three different types of workouts. One is total body burn, one is stair workouts for lower extremities endurance, and one is 3 stair workouts for upper body strength. Try them all or alternate to get the results that you want.

Stairs Workouts for Total Body Burn

Fit young woman running up stairs

One fun option is the step-up workout. Begin by placing your right foot at the tip of a stair. Then, keep your foot still while you drive via your big toe’s ball and assume a standing position. Then, lower yourself back down, without moving too fast, and do this until the back foot hits the ground. With this workout, the front foot is always on the stair. Also, while you work out, hold your chest upright and keep your core working. Try to shoot for ten repetitions for each side.

Another option is the split jump stair workout. To try this, put the right foot at the top of a stair. Then, power off the ball of your largest toe and jump to the height which is possible for you. When you land, your left foot should end up on the stair. You should try to be explosive with your movements and switch feet while you’re airborne. Do this over and over again. Land as gently as you can and hold your chest in an upright position. Try five jumps for each side.

The third choice is the Plyo Pushup workout. You may try this by placing both of your hands on a stair. You’ll be assuming a typical push-up position. Your wrists should be right below the shoulders,and your feet should be separated by the same distance as your two hipbones are. Use your legs and engage the core as you bend the elbows and move your chest closer to the step. Then, push up with all of your strength, until your hands are lifted up, off the stair, without changing any other elements of your body’s position. Bring your hands back down on the stair and get back into the original position. Try to do this challenging workout ten times.

Stairs Workouts for Lower Extremities Endurance


If you want to put the focus on your lower body, you’ll find that our lower extremities endurance workouts fill the bill.

The first option is just running up and down the stairs over and over again. This old-fashioned workout will tone your legs, and you should make an effort to keep your core engaged as you perform this type of training. Also, the faster you run (always run at a safe speed), the more you will open up the hip area and work it out also. When you do keep your core engaged, you should have the ability to work your abs as you run up and down. Running up will work certain leg muscles and different ones will be used on the way down! Try for ten repetitions or more, depending on how long the flight of stairs is. You should be challenging yourself, breaking a sweat and feeling the burn!

Another option is to skip one stair when you’re climbing up or down. This creates a lunge movement. It creates a good deal of resistance by putting the legs in a position where they have to work a lot harder. This type of workout will activate many lower-body muscle groups. Use one leg exclusively or alternate legs to get great results. Shoot for ten reps or more. It’s important to listen to your body, but you should be trying to push your muscles past plateaus.

Alternate running and walking up the stairs will also be a good way to develop the lower body. Try sprinting up the stairs and then walking down, or sprinting down the stairs and walking up. This type of fast interval training may be an effective way to boost muscle growth and endurance. Interval training is about doing reps of exercises and then switching to others within a short time frame. It shocks the body into muscle development in an effective manner. You can find more information about interval training online.

Stairs Workouts for Upper Body Strength


Adding weights to a workout is the key to building upper body strength. When you hold weights in your hands, such as three or five-pound dumbbells, you’ll be able to boost muscle development in the calves and quads, but also improve upper body fitness by pumping the weights via your arms. Free weights add a lot of resistance, which is good because typical stair-climbing workouts don’t really use the upper body very much. By adding weights to the mix, you’ll be primed to get an awesome workout that engages the top half of your body.

Another option is to use your arms as you run up and down stairs. If you don’t want to carry weights, just make sure that your arms are always moving. For example, you may move them up or down or make circle movements with your hands. However you move, keeping your arms going while you run up and down stairs, or walk up stairs by skipping one stair each time, will help you to boost upper body muscle development.

The pushup workout we recommend earlier will help you to burn fat, tone up and work the upper body, so it’s our final choice for building upper body strength. We definitely recommend it, as it’s a very tough workout which will get you fit fast. Do as many reps as you can handle.As time passes, you’ll find that you develop more strength and that you’re able to handle more reps.

Fitness is processed. When you use stairs, you’ll build fitness quickly, not to mention the health benefits. It’s all about making the most of thestairs by using them to get resistance. We believe in stair workouts, and we think that you will, too. They definitely make it easier to get fit, and they are so easy to try. If you don’t want to use stairs at home or have no stairs to use, you may want to check out local attractions which do feature long flights of stairs. For example, most city halls feature stairs which lead up to their entrances. Local parks may also have stairs which take people to another level. Office building probably has the longest flights of stairs. Some people use these stairs to work out at lunchtime while they are in the office. If you have access to stairs at work, this may be an option for you. Stairs which aren’t subject to heavy traffic will be the best choices.

Try Our Workouts Today


You deserve exceptional workouts which don’t cost any money. If you don’t want to buy a Stairmaster or pay for workouts in general, our simple stair workouts to do at home should be very helpful. These workouts are really beneficial to the body and doing them positively impact your state of mind as well. After all, exercise releases feel-good chemicals known as endorphins, which elevate mood and promote emotional stability and clear thinking.

Now that you have the inside scoop on some amazing workouts which you may do at home or out in your community, why not start working out on the stairs today? It’s a great way to enjoy cardio exercise and work out different areas of the body. While the lower body gets the most benefit from this type of exercise, our upper body fitness tips should help you to exercise in a way that also promotes upper body development.

Regarding what to wear, typical fitness gear should be OK. Shorts, a t-shirt, socks and sneakers will be good choices for stair workouts. Some people wear athletic compression leggings, as these hold the muscles in place snugly. You’ll find information about these types of leggings online, which will help you to decide whether or not they are right for you.

We hope our detailed guide has been helpful. If you want to share this information with others, be sure to share this article on social media. Also, you may want to bookmark it so you can refer back to it whenever you need to. While doing one favorite workout is fun, it’s great to change it up, and this is why reviewing the article and getting instructions for new workouts will be worthwhile.




stair workouts at home

stair workouts at home In relation to individuals who are overweight you’re going to discover stair workouts at home. Going for a stair workouts at home is something which overweight individuals can end up doing, but if you find stair workouts at home, you need to realize that this could have stair workouts at home to have drastic side effects to your health. You should keep in mind that there are stair workouts at home that obese men and women can do to be able to start stair workouts at home and we will be discussing a few stair workouts at home on this page.

One of the primary stair workouts at home that you can start doing if you are obese, is to begin stair workouts at home as this will be an excellent way to strengthen your leg muscles and help you shed a certain amount of weight stair workouts at home. When you first start off  stair workouts at home you don’t want to start over doing your stair workouts at home by walking too far, so start off with just stair workouts at home every day. This is something that is going to be progressive, meaning that each week can simply add on a little more stair workouts at home until you are up to stair workouts at home.stair workouts at home is a thing that you can start to do in a few months depending on how you are progressing with stair workouts at home, because this is not something you would like to stair workouts at home into too soon.

A stair workouts at home will in addition be the best option for people who are obese mainly because stair workouts at home is something they’re able to do in the privacy of their own stair workouts at home and in addition something they can do while watching TV while doing stair workouts at home. I also want to mention that you don’t want to jump right on stair workouts at home and start riding for 10 miles every day, get started slow and build up stair workouts at home over time. Many individuals who are obese have problems with stair workouts at home and their knees and ankles as a result of the weight that they carry around so this type of stair workouts at home would be perfect for men and women with stair workouts at home problems.




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