Your Guide To Effective Treadmill Interval Workouts


We all know that we should be working out far more frequently than we are right now – if we are taking any time to sweat on a regular basis as it is!

Obesity is one of the biggest health epidemics threatening our world today. More and more people are waking up to this chilling reality and are taking the necessary steps to start the process of transforming their body into something much healthier a while getting the confidence and look they are after along the way.

At the same time, those that do not commit to working out on a daily basis and grinding in a new routine so that it becomes “natural” are going to be at a much larger risk of continuing to deal with obesity and all of the health problems it brings to the table.

It’s almost impossible to transform your entire life for the better without daily repetition. The world’s greatest athletes, highest performers, and those that are serious about their health and well-being understand that you only ever reach critical mass and the true tipping point from an unhealthy lifestyle to a truly healthy lifestyle by going after it day by day.

That’s the kind of routine that you have to fall in love with, even if you can’t imagine yourself getting into the swing of things just yet.

When you establish a routine (usually takes between 14 and 30 days to really cement a new habit into your lifestyle so that you don’t have to be right back against it with discipline any longer) your ability to build a better body, lead a healthy lifestyle, and look the way you want to look becomes almost effortless.

It’s like putting your workout on autopilot while still getting top-tier results!

Fall in love with Interval Training Protocols to make this your new reality

According to information published by the American College of Sports Medicine and a report that they published in 2015 High-Intensity Interval Training is the second most popular fitness trend on the planet today – lagging only behind CrossFit, a fitness discipline that utilizes interval training programs every step of the way as well.

Interval training programs our beloved for a bunch of different reasons.

For starters, interval training allows you to get in a tremendous workout in a ridiculously short amount of time. When you are training with intervals – short bursts of high-intensity exercise with slightly longer bursts of more moderate exercise – you’re able to crank up the results really and get 60 minutes of exercising into just 30 minutes or less of real-world time.

This makes intensity interval training THE choice when it comes to those that are crunched for time but do not want ever to compromise their overall health or wellness.

On top of that, high-intensity interval training also has the same kind of benefits you’ll get out of weight lifting or strength training programs in the form of cardio exercise.

Most of us know that when you train cardio programs, you’re going to be burning fat and using up your energy stores while you are working out, but the impact on your body is going to be negligible almost as soon as you stop pushing yourself to the limit.

With strength training, however, all of that goes right out the window. Not only do you burn fat and energy when you are working out, but you also burn fat and consume extra energy around the clock because your body needs to prepare the micro damage that you’ve done during your training sessions.

High-intensity interval training combines these two worlds together to get the best of both.

You’ll be able to pound it out on the treadmill just like you would any other cardio session, but when you run using high-intensity interval training protocols, you’ll be able to cut down the amount of time you spend working out while continuing to burn fat all day long.

It does get much better than that!

Utilize your treadmill

You’d honestly have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take advantage of all the big benefits that you are treadmill has to offer, especially when it comes to making the most of the high-intensity interval training.

Giving you the ability to work out even in the worst possible whether (in the convenience of your home, even), the overwhelming majority of top quality treadmills today include high-intensity interval training protocols programmed right into them. This produces a “set it and forget it” kind of workout session that makes life easy for you without compromising your results.

On top of that, there aren’t too terribly many people that are nervous or intimidated about jumping on the treadmill the way they are with complicated and confusing workout programs that usually utilize weights or machines.

All you have to do is jump on the treadmill land start rocking and rolling, running through the interval training protocol so that you get all the results you’re after.

Talk about easy!

Changeup your diet and you’ll change up your life

Even though we’d love nothing more than to tell you that you can completely transform your body nothing more than high-intensity interval training on the treadmill, that’s not the entire truth.

Sure, exercise is the critical mass that forces your body to become stronger, healthier, and thinner – but you’ll never be able to out-exercise your eating habits.

Remember this:

Spend an hour just plodding along on the treadmill and you might burn 300 or 400 cal over that block of time. Eat two or three candy bars over the course of a day and you’ve just complete be raced that hour of exercise.

This is why you have to get super serious about the way that you go about eating when it comes to building the body you’ve always wanted and making the most of your high-intensity interval training protocols.

Switch to a low carbohydrate (and, ideally, zero sugar diet) that emphasizes clean and healthy sources of protein as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables and you’ll be able to electrify the results you get from this exercise program.

Change the way you eat and you’ll improve your life across the board.

Let’s break down some of the best treadmill interval training protocols you can use to make your body the best it’s ever been!

Top-tier high-intensity interval training programs

The Beginner Interval Workout

This program is super simple and straightforward, in the perfect program to get rocking and rolling with when you’re just getting familiar with interval training.

Set up your treadmill so that you run at about 50% of your top speed for two minutes before you accelerate to 90% or 100% of your high speed for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat this cycle for at least five or 10 minutes – maybe a little bit longer than that depending upon your endurance – and you’ll get a feel for everything that interval training offers.

Belly Fat Buster

If you’re looking to melt fat from your body with lightning like speed you’ll want to crank up the intensity quite a bit.

Start your interval training on the treadmill with a minute of 50% top speed before ramping up to 90% top speed for 30 seconds. After that, drop down to about 75% top speed for two minutes and then go back and forth between the setting and 100% speed until you just can’t take anymore.

Try and get 15 or 20 minutes of this training under your belt at a time and you’ll melt your waist line off completely!

Strength Training

Interval training isn’t just the “cat’s pajamas” for those that want to lose weight, either.

You can build some serious muscle mass (lean muscle mass) and a ridiculous amount of endurance when you decide to go in this direction.

Start off with a five-minute warm-up session (only about 30% of your maximum speed) before switching to two minutes of 75% speed with two minutes of 90% speed. Try to get 15 minutes of these back and forth sessions in every day – or every other day if you need a rest in the early stages – and you’ll be able to take strength training to the next level.

Interval Sprint

Interval sprints are great for burning fat and improving your overall acceleration, making them big time favorites of top athletes and those looking to get better and faster.

Start off with a five-minute warm-up session before going into 30% walking/running for 30 seconds and then 100% sprints for 30 seconds more. Rinse and repeat for about five minutes – if you can make it that long!

Rise and Shine

A great way to start your morning off right is with some interval training on the treadmill.

Begin with a nice warm up to get your muscles relaxed and ready for some action, maybe three minutes or so of moderate intensity. From there, go back and forth between one full minute of walking and one full minute of 80% speed for about five minutes or so.

This’ll get you super charged better than any cup of coffee and is the perfect lead-in to a more traditional workout program (if that’s your thing).


Believe it or not, this particular high-intensity interval training workout program was designed by one of the personal trainers at the Biggest Loser Resort (the location of the breakout hit reality TV show).

Though it isn’t quite as focused on your top speed as other workouts are, don’t default into thinking that you’ll have this easy. Nothing could be further from the truth, and you want to be prepared to release sweat!

Start off with a warm-up session that you feel comfortable with before switching to sideways walking on the treadmill at about 50% of your top speed. Do this for two minutes on each side before you go into one full minute of forward sprinting at about 70% of your maximum.

Rinse and repeat the process over and over for about three or four repetitions and you’ll be feeling it!

Speed Endurance

This combination style workout is going to help you kick down doors and boost your overall speed and endurance like nothing else can.

Start off with your favorite five or 10-minute warm-up and then go all out at about 90% of your maximum effort for one full minute. Slow down to a walk or jog speed for two minutes to recover and then blast back up to 90% intervals for another minute after that. Repeat the process for 20 minutes before your cool down.

Burn and Tone Workout

Looking to take your interval training to the next level so that you can melt fat like a fat burning furnace and make sure that you look and feel your very best from here on out?

Utilize a simple interval session – one minute of 100% effort followed by two minutes of 60% efforts repeated for 20 minutes – but crank up the incline on your treadmill about 50% as high as it can go.

This is a total game changer and will practically guarantee that you are burning fat and toning up all day long.

Pressed for Time Workout

If you need a quick way to squeeze in a world-class workout in about five or 10 minutes maximum, you want to go with this option:

Warm up quickly (jogging at 60% top speed for a minute or two) before you run all out for a minute and a half. Slow down for 30 seconds so that you can recover quickly before going all out for a minute and a half again, repeating the process for as much time as you have available.

Emphasize your maximum effort and take the rest of the day to recover.

The Gauntlet Workout

Interval training doesn’t have to have you glued to the treadmill to be effective, either.

A great way to transform your body in a hurry is to start off with interval sessions on the treadmill (one full minute of 50% effort followed by one full minute of 100% effort) before you pop off of the treadmill to do 30 seconds worth of push-ups, 30 seconds worth of planking, and 30 seconds of kettle bell swings.

Pop back on the treadmill to rinse and repeat this process for five or six times (at least in the beginning, as that’s likely all you’ll be able to squeeze in before you’re ready to collapse) and you’ll be good to go!

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