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Being physically fit does not just translate to a lean physique. Physical fitness is the performance and endurance of your lungs, heart, and muscles during workout or energy-demanding situations.

According to many readings, you are physically fit if you can perform your daily tasks effortlessly without having to deal with high-stress levels.

It is also the measurement of how your body recovers and the amount energy you still have left for other leisure activities.

Age, gender, genetic inheritance, eating pattern and level of physical activity are all the factors that influence your fitness potential. The best way to measure and use this innate potential is a by engaging in a physical fitness program.

A well-rounded fitness program is more than just an exercise and nutritional program to make you lean and fit. A fitness program is one basic approach to improve your health and vitality that is helpful in warding off chronic diseases.

Today, we are going to do a review about Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program — “an online health fitness and happiness program.”

Most women who bumped into this fitness program rave about the dramatic changes in their weight loss and overall well-being. However, is it just another overrated fitness program or the real deal?

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Who Needs the Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program?

Drew Baird Fitness is an online fitness service and community support program that caters to women. As their website’s catchphrase goes, Drew Bard Fitness is “Designed for real women, with real families, real careers, who have responsibilities but simply want to be healthy and happy.” True enough, Drew Bard Fitness is very flexible regarding schedule and have a team of coaches that can assist you anytime. The program will benefit women who have hectic schedules and looking for an accommodating and flexible time to train themselves in their preferred time and place.

Being new to fitness program can be quite confusing and intimidating, Drew Baird Fitness is very much helpful for beginners who are taking a tough time defining their fitness plans and relevant goals. Drew Baird Fitness can help you set your goal and the right workout and meal plan tailored to your needs. All you have to do is follow along. No more guessing how many reps to do or what type of food on which day.

Drew Baird Fitness also has a segment program which encourages women who lack confidence and support to begin or continue their fitness goals.

The program can help you create an environment to focus on your motivation and goals. Furthermore, Drew Baird Fitness has an excellent community where you can connect with other participants who have some fair share of struggles along their fitness journey and ready to give advice, support, and encouragement.

Although it is mainly designed for women, there are also men actively engaging in the program. So, to say the least, Drew Baird Fitness program caters to both men and women who want to seek professional help in their fitness journey.

What is the Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program?

Drew Bard Fitness program is an online fitness coaching program designed and founded by fitness expert and enthusiast Drew Baird. The program aims to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It is divided into three main essential segments namely, Exercise, Meal, and Motivation.

Once you are signed up, you will receive the Health Logic Questionnaire. It consists of basic questions about your training and health history. It also asks your weight loss goals, personal preference about food and fun exercises you enjoy doing. This is to assess what you want so you can also enjoy the whole training program.

Moreover, the questionnaire will gain information about what you can do and your limitations, which is very much the foundation of your customized meal and exercise plan.

The weight loss timeline begins once you started with your customized fitness plan. Changes in meal plans are done every two weeks and every month for exercise plans.

Adjustments may be made to be able to find the best plan that works for you. In cases where you are not satisfied or happy with any of the meal or exercise plan, you can reach through the staffs by email, and they will update it free of charge. As far as results go, most of Drew Bard Fitness participants claim they started about 1 to 2 kilograms drop in their weight in just a week.

Drew Baird Fitness believes that exercise and the nutritional plan will not suffice. Motivation or what they refer to as “secret sauce” on Drew Baird Fitness is designed to help you further achieve your fitness goal.

Under Motivation program, activities like ongoing email and community support, group coaching calls, access to educational and motivational videos and monthly held competitions are made to encourage you to keep on going.

The program costs AUD 19.95 per week (USD 15.95, £12.95 GBP) with no added fees. 

Once you joni Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program, you get full access to all the DBF Health and Fitness Coaching programs as well benefits of a Drew Baird Fitness member. What is more, Drew Baird Fitness is back up by 100 percent money guarantee because Drew Baird Fitness is confident that you can start seeing the result in 30 days or get your money back.

The Benefits of Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program

In this part of Drew Bard Fitness review, we will discuss the benefits you can get with Drew Baird Fitness Membership program. Also, the list also tackles what gives Drew Baird Fitness an edge among other fitness programs available.

Custom-Made Fitness Plan:   Drew Baird Fitness gives an exercise and nutrition plan that caters to their clients’ needs and limitations which is mostly based on their age, gender, weight loss goals or medical condition. For instance, they will give a personalized exercise routine fit to a client who has a muscle pain or history of injury.

Now, this is something you would not envision with a general fitness program that mostly tells you to do a cardiovascular and endurance exercises without consulting your health history, or a general nutrition plan just basically tells you to eat a well-balanced diet without looking through food allergen history.

Your Choice of Location and Time: Drew Baird Fitness mostly accommodate individuals who are always on the go and travels a lot. Clients are given qualified personal trainer they can work with electronically given any time and location.

Get in Touch with Other Members: It is another thing to learn from other participants who went through the same journey as yours. Once you become a member of Drew Baird Fitness Program, you also get access to Drew Baird Fitness Members private group, and Group Coaching calls via Facebook.

Here, you can work together with other participants, meet new friends, share, and discover different techniques and stay motivated as a team.

Access to Expert Advice: Twice a week, Drew Baird Fitness holds a Group Coaching Call wherein you can interact and ask questions with Drew Baird himself via Zoom. Under this segment, you can also learn from other participants’ queries to better improve your lifestyle choices and be the role model yourself.

Ongoing Support: Drew Baird Fitness would not leave you hanging. Whether via Facebook group, Zoom or email, staff responds to members’ questions promptly and provides assistance in the most times you need it, to make you feel you are not alone in this journey and to help you stay in track.

Save More: Most sought after trainers are too expensive to work with, whereas the Drew Baird Fitness Program is reasonably priced. Moreover, you only do not get a personal trainer but also a nutritionist all in one. They make your meal plan easy to follow and family-friendly so you can also share it with the rest of our family and friends.

The best part is the program is realistic; whether it is a leftover or a tight grocery budget you are dealing with, they keep the whole program cheap by giving cost-effective, healthy ingredients in your meal plan.

What are the Precautions of Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program

Due to the online training remote nature of Drew Baird Fitness Program, it shares risks and setbacks particularly for beginners and individuals with particular health conditions. There is no 24-hour live trainer to watch your performance and spot-on correct you if you are doing the wrong technique, which could further worsen your current medical condition, or lead you to accidents and injuries.

Furthermore, those extra motivations to push you through tough workouts are not always possible with an online program.

Sometimes it just takes a real PT.

The health concerns, however, can be mediated by consulting your doctor before engaging in any fitness program. Although Drew Baird Fitness go through your medical history to weave exercises that best suit your body, it is always wise to talk to your doctor as they have more expertise and knowledge about your health status.

As for beginners, educational videos with fitness courses and motivations content are provided. Moreover, it is important to engage in this segment program to avoid accidents and help you better control your weight loss journey.

It should also help if you keep in touch with the staff; be proactive and do not hesitate to ask them questions. There is no other way to make Drew Baird Fitness program work than complying and committed to all the plans sent to you.

What are the Inclusions of Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program?

At Drew Baird Fitness, they believe that the right diet and exercise plan combined with an ongoing motivation — is the key to a successful weight loss program.

The program uses this as a foundation for creating the following DBF Health and Fitness Coaching programs. In this part of the Drew Baird Fitness review, some of the advantages and drawbacks of the programs are also discussed to help you have a better assessment of the whole program.

Custom-Made Meal Plan. Drew Baird Fitness will provide you a customized breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack plan you can follow daily.

The portioned ingredients are detailed in either grams or quantities. They are carefully selected to meet the set daily allowance of calories. For you to drop the pounds, the set daily allowance calories are lower than the calories you would normally take. The calorie intake may be gradually decreased so your body will get accustomed to it and will not make you feel starving.

One of the challenges you might encounter is the measuring duties. You should have a basic knowledge of what ingredients should be weighing raw (like meat and protein ingredients for instance).

Also, the set part size must be accurately followed. Otherwise, it could result lead to an inaccurate calorie intake assessment. Nevertheless, there is much-measuring devices such as food scale you can consider to portion your food accurately and follow your dietary intake.

You are always encouraged to ask questions if you have other queries about measuring your food.

Also included in the plan is what the program refers to as “cheat plans” wherein you can consume food or takeaways of your choice. Cheat plans has been a long strategy of weight loss to increase body’s metabolism rate.

Calories are set so you will not overeat and mess with your calorie bank. It is easy to overdo a cheating plan, however, considering you are not supervised. Discipline must be imposed on your end to reap benefits rather than the setback.

The entire meal plan is based on your personal preferences about food and consideration about health and allergen history to craft a meal plan that is safe and enjoyable for you.

Changes and adjustments are made every two weeks to cater to you changing and growing requirements. Moreover, the meal plan is realistic and easy to follow, with cost-effective ingredients to help you save more money.

Custom-Made Exercise Plan. The entire exercise plan is put together by heavily trained coaches who take various approaches in designing the right fitness exercises that will work for you. It is tailored to meet your fitness goals.

For example, you may be training or preparing for a bodybuilding or sports competition, or you just simply want to improve your general level of fitness, the program will send you with a specific set of exercise to achieve your fitness goal.

The exercise plan will also benefit novices who have been practicing sedentary lifestyle and wanted to engage in a level of physical activity. In the first few weeks, they will send you a low to moderate intensity of exercise routine to make your body adapt. As you complete the first four weeks of exercise plan, more advanced exercises will be planned to make you stronger and fitter.

Your current medical condition, history of medical ailments, status (such as age, weight, and gender) will also be taken into consideration before giving the set of exercises. The fact your exercise plan is tailored to your needs is a significant plus.

On top of that, the flexibility of the time and place will not restrict you. They can design workouts you can access anytime from the comfort of your own home, down the park or your favorite fitness studios with the maximum possible utilization of the facilities you have.

However, so much of the success of your exercise plan depends on how well you collaborate with your online fitness instructor. First, you need to be honest with exertion and results of your exercises.

Otherwise it will be hard for the personal trainer to assess your improvements, Second, your trainer cannot supervise your training all the time, you should know the proper technique to exert the exercises. Nonetheless, that is what other programs such educational videos and coaching calls are for. All members of Drew and Baird Fitness are privileged to ask their trainers regarding problems or issues that may arise in their exercise plan.

Encouragement and Motivational Programs. Before starting the fitness program, there is also a DBF goal form you will be asked to complete which is the first step in the development of your fitness plan. You will be directed on how to use set goals better to keep you motivated.

DBF motivational videos and ongoing email support are designed to keep your focus on your goals and give clarity on what you want not just on your fitness journey but also in life — which make this program more than just a fitness program but also “happiness” program designed to take care of your overall well-being.

Drew Baird Fitness also built a community wherein you can surround yourself with like-minded people you can get support and encouragement from. Twice a week, members can take part in “webinar” style group of coaching.

The activity revolves around the importance of motivation in your weight loss journey. The aim is to further sculpt members into being a good model themselves, so they can also give motivational support to other participants.

As part of them encourage program and celebration of the transformation of their members, Drew Baird fitness runs “DBF Monthly Member Transformation Competition” in which member who has the most wonderful transformation can win big prizes as a reward for their challenging work.

The good thing about the competition is that members may feel inspired about other participants drastic transformation and may keep them motivated to work harder. The not-so-good thing about it, however, is that some people who have not seen their transformation yet may feel impatient, intimidated, or discouraged in some ways which can sidetrack their goals.

Now, this is something to do with the client’s’ mindset interfering with their goals. It is always important to have a positive approach to every part of your fitness journey. If you feel like you needed that extra support, you can always be open to the staffs DBF staffs as they go that extra mile in helping you.

Expert Advice and Live Coaching Sessions. Drew Baird himself is very hands on to his clients and loves to randomly call clients to share their personal fitness experience with Drew Baird Fitness. There are also qualified personal trainers, a team of coaches and professionals which specialize in a specific area to answer your questions and assist you throughout the program.

In addition to weekly Coaching calls conducted by Drew Baird himself, you are given the opportunity to join Drew Baird and other members in a weekly live question and answer session. In this segment, you can ask a direct question from Drew Bard himself and seek expert advice. Even better, you can get the opportunity to listen to other participants queries and experiences and learn from it.

In any stages of the program, you also get a ticket to one on one coaching with Drew Baird fitness team and to have a better feedback on your results. If you have still other queries throughout the program, Drew Baird Fitness encourages you to stay in touch through personal email support where a team of Drew Baird Fitness is readily available to respond to your queries.

Other Privileges. In cases where you missed or will not be able to join any of the coaching sessions, you can access the online DBF library to watch past recorded coaching calls and Q&A videos. The online library also includes other educational videos and content that are helpful in keeping you follow through a fitness program.

Our Assessment Of The Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program​

Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program could either make or break your fitness journey. Here is a sum up positives and negatives of Baird Fitness Membership Program.


  • Fitness plan tailored your wants and needs
  • Flexible schedule and time
  • Motivational support
  • Live coaching sessions with the experts
  • Will save you more money than other programs


  • Nobody can on-the-spot correctly you in cases of mistakes and wrong techniques
  • Complete motivational support may not always be a guarantee

Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program does work if you are ready to commit the online service nature of the program. Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program is one of the most effective, flexible, and time-efficient ways to workout and plans a better lifestyle. However, if you lack the commitment and a healthy mindset, the program might not be for you.

Nevertheless, Drew Baird Fitness Membership Program is worth giving the whirl. It is reasonably priced in a weekly money investment — it’ not like you are in long contract.

If within the program you have decided it is not for you, you cancel it anytime and free of a cancellation fee. Moreover, if you have not seen the result in 30 days, you can get your money back. With all this being said, we cannot see why you can go wrong in trying!

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