9 No-Sweat Flat Belly Workouts To Get Firmer Abs


Sweat by definition is brain’s reaction to your body beginning to overheat. If you want to challenge yourself without hitting your “sweat-point,”then No-Sweat exercises could be your answer. These No-Sweat workouts give stunning results without drenching you in sweat.

“Moderate exercise can produce enormous gains for health,” Harvey Simon, MD, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School tells total health magazine. Other health experts are also on the same wavelength as Dr. Simon.

“How much you sweat doesn’t correlate with how to fit you are,” Craig Ballantyne, certified trainer and author of Turbulence Training tell Women’s Health. There’s a common misconception that how much you sweat determines the number of calories you’ve burnt.

Physically stronger people sweat sooner because their body’s thermos regulation system turns on faster. The truth is how much or little you sweat usually doesn’t matter to calories burnt.

Dr. Simon reviewed 22 studies involving 320,000 people that evaluated the impact of moderate exercise on cardiovascular disease and longevity. He found that moderate exercise resulted in 18.84 percent reductions in the risk of heart illness and 18.50 percent reductions in overall mortality.

For other diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, depression, heart attacks, stroke, sudden cardio death, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, even dementia, moderate exercise is extremely beneficial.

To help you out we’ve handpicked nine different workouts. Try them and enjoy the results.

No-Crunch Flat Abs Workout

Tutorial: Love Sweat Fitness

Warrior Rotation: Come into a wide stance. Keep your right foot pointing forward, while your left foot is facing left side. Bend deep into that front knee. Pull your belly button in and spread out your arms. Exhale and rotate and clap your hands together. Open and clap. Do 15 reps. Switch sides

Horse Pose: Keep your heels in and point your toes out. Sit nice and low, as you sit flat, push your knees back, reach your arms out and bring it to your head. Bend your upper body from side to side. Squeeze your obliques as you move.

Modified Extended Side Angle: Come to the warrior position extend your arms. Lean over to your right. Bring your right elbow on to your right knee. Reach your left arm up high and stay nice and deep.

Exhale, twist and bring your left arm up and down. Follow your gaze up and squeeze your core. Do 15 reps. Switch sides. You can notch up this exercise using 2 or 3-pound weights.

Plank Moves for Flat Abs in 5 Minutes

Tutorial: Self Magazine

Trimming Tap: Come to a side plank. Spread your fingers wide. Make sure your wrist is directly underneath your shoulders. Extend your legs out, stalking your feet and pressing through the heels. Lift your hip up and raise your upper arm in line with your bottom arm. Lift your top leg front and back.

Perfect Pike: You need towel or paper plates for this move. Start in plank position and place your feet on paper plates. Set yourself in plank. Gently drag your toes to your hands into a pipe position and slide back out. Do eight reps.

Sizzling Swing: Start in reverse plank, place your fingers towards your butt. Lift those hips high, pressing through the heels. Chest open to the ceiling. Turn your hips back through your hands, scooping under your belly. And then push back up, slide press the hips up. Do eight reps.

Whittling Walk: Start in a modified plank on your forearms at a 90-degree angle. Keep your knees slightly behind hips. Come into a plank. Walk one forearm in front of the other and then back. Do eight reps.

Get Lean-Lift: Start in plank and move into a downward dog. Open up the hip, lift your one leg up and bring it back. Switch sides.

Sculpting Sweep: Come into your plank and place your foot on a paper plate. Drag your knees to your wrist and then back. Do eight reps

Side Slimmer: Start with a side plank, lift your hips up. Raise your hand up. Bring your knee to meet your elbows and put it back down. Switch sides repeat eight times.

Rear Riser: Place light weights between the crutch of your knee, and your hamstring. Keep your arms down,Maintain the weights on one leg and push the other leg into a plank. Lift the leg that has the weights slowly up and down.

Play it Straight: Come into a crouched position. Pop into a plank and pull it back.

Waist Cincher: Start in your side plank with your forearm with elbows underneath your shoulder, and is at 90 degrees. Lift up into a side plank. Take the weight on top hip, lower it down and lift. Do eight reps. Switch sides.

10 Minute Standing Abs Workout

Tutorial: Fitness Blender

Workout Structure:

  • 10 exercises
  • 45 seconds each
  • 10 seconds rest intervals

Standing Pike Crunch: Raise your leg in front of you, reach towards your toes with your hands. Make slow controlled motions. Switch sides.

Capt. Morgan Diagonal Pass: Use a medicine ball or dumbbell for these exercises. Bring your left knee nice and high. Hold it there as you move the medicine ball from over the top of the right shoulder to the outside of your left hip. Switch sides.

Jumping Oblique Twists: Hop back and forth your feet quickly. Your feet must face the opposite directions and rotate your torso.

Torso Rotations: Stretch your legs and keep your arms on your hips. Swing down to the right, slowly to the center and left. Reverse directions.

High Knee Chops: Drive your knees high, pulling your arms from the top of your head and down and crunch forward. Switch sides.

Waist Pinchers: Bring your right arm up and turn your right knee out to the side. Then draw your knee up high, crunching your shoulder and elbow down towards your thigh. Repeat on the other side.

Easy Abs at Home Workout

Tutorial: Namrata Purohit

Repetitions: 10

Toe Taps: Lie down, place your hands on your side. Lift your legs to 90-degree position. Tap your right toe on the ground and bring it up. Alternate sides.

Single Leg Circles: Take your feet up to 90-degree position. Lift your right leg up towards the ceiling and rotate. Then switch direction. Alternate side.

Oblique Can-Cans: Lie down, place your hands out to the sides. Lift both your legs. Slowly drop your knees to the side and back to the center. Alternate sides.

Half Roll Back: Come to the sitting position with knees bent up. Swing your upper body front and back with arms stretched.

Oblique Roll Back: Sit tall and keep hands straight in front of you. Extend your right hand to the side and come back. Repeat on the other side.Follow up with Ab choppers and V-Sit.

Simple Yoga Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Tutorial: Geetanjali-Yoga

Bhujangansana (Cobra Pose): Lie on the floor with face down, place arms on the floor. Gently raise the body up, putting arms on the floor. Stay for 30 seconds and come back to starting position.

Viparita Trikonasana (Reverse Triangle Pose): Stand straight with legs slightly wide with right foot backward. Gently place your right hand on your right thigh and bend towards your right with left hand and face upwards. Stay for few seconds and bring hands wide apart. Repeat the same movements on the other side.

Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose): Bring your foot forward in 90 degrees. Bend your left foot slightly at the toe. Turn your body towards the side. Raise your right hand facing up and rest your body with your left hand. Stay in this position for few seconds. Switch side.

Camatkarasana (Wild Thing Pose): Bring your right foot forward in 90 degrees with left foot bent slightly at the toe. Gently turn your body towards the side, raise your right hand facing up. Rest your body with the left hand. Bring your right leg and place it backward at 90 degrees. Look up at your right hand and slowly bend your body, bring your right-hand parallel to the floor. Stay in position for few seconds. Repeat the same with left foot forward and complete the workout with plank pose.

Get a Flat Stomach in 5 Minutes

Tutorial: Cosmopolitan.com

For each move perform as many reps, you can in 60 seconds.

Forearm Plank with Knee Dip: Start off with a plank, come down to your forearms. Drop your knees slow and steady. Alternate knees. You can also take both knees at the same time.

Basic Crunches: Lie down, bend your legs. Put your arms underneath your head. Pulling your belly button in, pull your upper body forward and backward.

Heel Touches: Starting in the same position, twist your body and touch your heels with your hands. Do the reps in a swinging motion.

Reverse Crunch with Bent Legs: Put your hands behind your head and lift both your legs up and down.

High Knees: Stand up and bring your knees high up to your chest.

Dancer Abs

Tutorial: Katia Price

Warm Up: Stretch your legs and move your hands up and down with a slight knee bend. Start shaking your hips from side to side. Make forward and backward steps. Smooth your hips into eight big circles. Swing on the opposite side.

Slide your upper body from side to side with arms stretched. Push it forward and back. Push your hands away while swinging your body. Dip down your body, roll your head and bring it back. Switch side.

Push your hands forward with a little pelvic tilt,row your hand’s side to side. Open your hands and close.

Dancers Ab Routine:

  • Step 1: Stretch your legs, push your hips twice. Swing your hands. Cross open your legs and tuck your armpits. Alternate sides. Make these moves and walk to your sides.
  • Step 2: Move your legs front side and back and push away with your hands. Step in with your foot and make two rolls with hands. Alternate sides. Step on your foot and pull elbows back and forth.
  • Step 3: Bounce your heels and push. Open your body and move from side to side. Repeat these dance moves in a fluid motion.

Flat Abs with Pool Workout

Tutorial: PopSugar Fitness

Rotate your hips right and left. Twist with your core muscles. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Straight Leg Kicks: Bring your right leg up and touch the toes with theleft hand. Alternate sides.

Jump Up: Bring your knees to your chest.

Trunk Rotation: Keep your arms stretched with palms together. You must swoop your hands fighting the resistance of water. Allow your foot for pivoting as you twist your hips. Do 10-15 reps per side.

Twist and Skip: Rotate your hips as you bring your knees across your body and jump. Do ten reps.

Poolside Hip Lift: Sit on the edge of the pool with hands by your hips. Push through the heels of your hand and lift your body. Use your core muscles, stay in that position for few minutes and come down. To make it tougher,straighten your legs and come down.

3 Minute HIIT Ab Finisher

Tutorial: HIIT Burn

HIIT helps to build endurance, burns calories and fat faster in a shorter period, boosts your metabolism and contributes to losing fat and not muscle. This 3 minute HIIT workout will help you to sweat less but achieve flat abs in a shorter span of time. So here we go.

Workout Structure: 20 seconds on and 3 seconds off for three rounds of 6 different exercises.

Grab your yoga mat and perform these tasks in order

  • Ins and outs
  • Leg Raises
  • Side Crunch Right
  • Side Crunch Left
  • Plank Jacks
  • Cross Body Mountain Climbers


Exercise could be your best anti-aging medicine. Being in good shape means improving health, endurance and building your core muscles. The above No-Sweat workouts which we have discussed fits in all these aspects.

A smaller waistline gives you better blood flow. If you’re overweight, you’ll have more of that artery-clogging plaque. It decreases blood flow throughout your body.

Research shows that people with flat abs are

  • 35 percent less likely to have a heart attack
  • 25 percent less likely to develop heart disease
  • 40 percent less likely to develop kidney cancer
  • 14 percent less likely to develop osteoarthritis
  • 60 percent less likely to develop gallstones

A Canadian study followed 8000 people over 13 years. It found that those with weakest abdominal muscles have more than double the death rate of individuals than those with strongest midsections.

A fat tummy is dangerous because fat surrounds your vital organs and deteriorates their functions. People with bigger bellies are at significant risk of Type 2 diabetes.So go, push yourself and workout without any sweat to enjoy all the benefits of flat abs.

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