8 Yoga Ab Exercise You Should Try at Home


Fitness experts used to be more than a little bit skeptical about everything that yoga promised to deliver, but nothing could be further from the truth today.

Today, literally millions and millions of people all over America – and hundreds of millions around the world – are taking advantage of everything that yoga must offer as far as a fitness program is concerned. People are literally using this relatively low impact and predominantly body weight workout system to completely transform their bodies almost overnight.

It’s not only possible to lose weight when you take advantage of yoga, but also to develop your muscles, build strength and endurance, and create the kind of body that you’ve always been dreaming of.

At the same time, you really need to be smart and savvy about how you make the most of the yoga. There are some types of yoga out there that are pretty much nothing more than a quick gym class, building up a little bit of sweat but never really creating the cascade of biological reactions you’re hoping for in your body to produce the transformative results you’re after.

On the other hand, there are some very intense and almost over-the-top types of yoga that you don’t necessarily want to pursue, either. He’s much more aggressive forms of yoga are designed for those that have been physically fit for years and years, and are predominately used by those that want to maximize their efficiency and their ability to generate power – not necessarily those that are looking to tone up and look much slimmer.

Luckily, if you are serious about making the very most of your yoga workouts to transform your body quickly, all you must do is leverage the right exercises to unlock everything that your body is capable of. You are almost able to put your body transformation progress on autopilot when you work specific yoga ab exercises into your routines, really focusing on blasting your core to strengthen your body and build up your beach muscles all in the exact same time.

By the time, you’re done with the information in this quick guide you’ll know EXACTLY how to transform your body with the right,you’ll find that exercises, but you’ll also know EXACTLY what it takes to work these exercises into your daily routine to unleash every ounce of power they must offer. This is your ultimate shortcut to building your body and leaning out with yoga all at the exact same time.

Let’s get right to it!

Highlighting of the Big Benefits of Yoga Before We Dive Any Deeper

There are literally hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of exercise programs out there that offer you guarantees of transforming your body and building your core, but truthfully only a fraction of those programs are going to be able to deliver the results that you are after – and even fewer programs are going to be able to speed the process up for you significantly.

Yoga is a game changer in every sense of the word.

For more than 5000 years, human beings have been rocking and rolling with everything that yoga must offer. That this is one of the most ancient methodologies as far as building the perfect body is concerned,and not only is it going to help you eliminate the spare tire that you may have been carrying around for some time, it’s also going to help you get a healthier, become faster and more powerful, and give you a lot of extra mental clarity and control you may not have enjoyed otherwise.

For starters, yoga is one of the most accessible of all the different kind of workout programs you could ever choose to take advantage of. You don’t need hundreds of pounds of iron, all kinds of fancy equipment come or a ridiculous amount of space to get started with yoga – all you need is your body, a bit of floor space, and maybe a $15 yoga mat.

Secondly, yoga is designed to work with you body the way that it has been “engineered.” You’re never going to have to worry about overextending yourself, pushing yourself past the point of injury, or ripping and tearing your muscles when you are rolling with yoga.

Instead, you’re going to be able to enjoy a relatively low impact exercise program that significantly lowers your potential for injury. This is a huge deal, especially if you are serious about eliminating all the extra weight that you have been carrying around – especially around your core and your abdominals.

Finally, yoga is absolutely proven and one of the most respected methods of working out by those that know exactly how to unleash everything that human physiology must offer. Flexibility, adaptability, versatility and the ability to work out wherever you are with nothing more than your body itself makes yoga and absolute game changer – especially when you are getting ready to blast your core.

To really help you accelerate buildings your core with the right abdominal exercises, check out each one of the eight critical steps to a proper ab workout with yoga we must offer below. Each one of these exercises going to help you reach your maximum potential, and is guaranteed to produce only the very best results in a fraction of the time you would have expected them to.

It really doesn’t get much better than that! Shall we get it right into the meat and potatoes of this quick guide? Let’s do it!

The Dolphin Plank Pose Works Wonders to Work Out Your Abdominals

Probably one of the easiest of all the major exercise movements yoga practitioners can use to build up their abdominals, the Dolphin Plank maneuver is a lot like the traditional blank with a bit of an extra “hump” in the middle of this exercise so that you can really stretch out your core and blast all of your stabilizing muscles.

The ideal here is to hold this position (as rock-solid as you can) for at least between 30 seconds and 60 seconds – and even longer is going to improve your results significantly. Push through at least eight reps of this setup, and you’ll be cooking your abs and building a perfect core.

The Dolphin Plank Twists and a Little Bit of “Flavor” and Really Blast Your Core

A lot of the original exercise we highlighted above, this adds a little bit of a twist to the routine (no pun intended) where you are physically twisting your body at your waist to really blast not only your upper and lower abdominals but also to hammer your stabilizing muscles as well.

This is the kind of exercise that is literally going to melt weight from your waist but also add a lot of extra power to your day to day life as well. Your golf swing is going to become stronger, your ability to lift heavy things clear over your head will improve as well, and your general athletic performance is going to shoot right through the roof.

It doesn’t hurt that your back pain is going to go right out the window as well when you implement this abdominal exercise/yoga move.

Dolphin Planks with “Running Knees” Will Slam Your Core and Your Lower Body

Those that are really looking to kick their body transformation into high gear (and those that really want to make sure that their upper and lower abs really pop when they go to the beach) are going to want to make the most of this variation of the Dolphin Plank.

Get down into that same position that we mentioned above in the top two tips but then pull your knees to your chest as quickly and as smoothly as you can. Return your legs back to their original position before rinsing and repeating with your other day, switching it back and forth for 60 seconds at a time.

Do this a handful of times every single week, and you’ll have a six pack of abs in no time whatsoever.

Piking with the Dolphin Plank Changes Everything

With this move, you’re going to want to get into the Dolphin Plank position before you rotate your hips straight into the air while keeping a lot of pressure on your abdominals and your legs. Really try to create a “mountain” shape with your posterior and your core while in the plank position, and you’ll hammer each one of your abdominal muscles in the process.

Slightly easier than most of the other exercises on this list, when you decide to go in this direction you’re going to be able to rest and recover a little bit from some of the more grueling and taxing exercises without sacrificing your overall performance.

The Shifting Dolphin Plank Works Wonders, Too!

This is probably an exercise more geared towards generating power, speeding up weight loss, and providing a lot of athletic stability to your core, but it is one that you need to make sure you absolutely implement into your daily abdominal routines from a yoga standpoint.

Drop into that all too familiar dolphin plank position and then gently begin to rock and shift your weight from one side of your body to the other. Eventually, you want to build up more than enough momentum so that you are tipping yourself on one side of your body and then returning yourself to the other, moving back and forth like a pendulum.

This is going to tax the smaller muscles in your core of a really but it’s going to make sure that all your abdominal muscles really pop when they might not have otherwise.

Knee Raises in the Plank Position are Staple as Well

There are probably only a handful of the yoga exercises that can produce transformative results for folks that want to improve their look, athletic ability, and overall stability the way that the knee raises from the plank position can.

Think of this move as nearly identical to lunges in a traditional sense, only you’re going to want to do the exact same movement as a lunge while you are in the Dolphin Plank position.

Make sure that you really drive your needs right up to your chest just as forcefully as you can. Some people cheat a little bit by allowing their momentum to do 90% of the heavy lifting, but you’re never going to be able to build picture-perfect abs if your shortcut you progress this way.

Rotate from side to side rather than blast one side of your body and then the other. It will speed up your recovery process, but also allow you to inject “mini breaks” into your routine to really push yourself past your physical maximum.

Bringing Your Knees Up to Your Elbow is a Great Way to Carve Out Extra Definition in Your Abs

Another killer yoga move that you will want to implement is going from the plank position and the knee raised position to the downward facing dog position, kicking your legs clear up into the sky just as powerfully and as forcefully as you can to squeeze every drop of definition out of your abs as you are able to.

Rotate your legs with every repetition, and really try to do at least 10 repetitions your first time out while adding an extra repetition to each set as you progress.

The Knee to Opposite Elbow Yoga Move Works Wonders for Your Abdominals and Core as Well

Look, there’s no surprise here – you’re going to want to start off in the plank position before you drive your knee to the opposite elbow (left knee to your right elbow, and vice versa) as powerfully but without losing control. This yoga move is going to maximize your potential to work out not only the front of your core and your abdominals but also to blast your back, your lower back, and other stabilizing muscles that are just as mission critical.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to improve your athletic ability and your abdominal look/strength, but none of them are as effective as the eight yoga moves we have highlighted for you above.

Try them out today!

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