7 Surprising And Spectacular Health Benefits Of Farting


No matter how much you try to hold it in, you will need to fart. Yes, everyone does it. It’s embarrassing, but there are reasons why you need to fart throughout the day.

While it’s a natural part of life, you may have been the butt of jokes in the past because of a fart that you couldn’t hold in. And yes, the pun there was intended. It’s so embarrassing for some that they’ve looked at other words for the farting, including passing gas, passing wind, and flatulence. But whichever word you use, the terms just don’t sound that endearing.

There are many health benefits to farting, though. We’ll consider them, but first, you need to understand what this bodily movement is.

Why Do We Fart?

Passing wind is just what it sounds like. You’re getting rid of the wind/gas from your body. As your body breaks down the food you eat, gas is created. That gas needs to go somewhere, right? Well, it will go one of two ways: up or down.

Think about babies. You will often rub their backs to get rid of the wind after a bottle of milk. You need to help them bring up that wind, or they feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they’re in pain.

This need to get rid of the wind or gas doesn’t go away as you get older. Everybody in the world needs to get rid of the wind, so ignore those who say theynever do it. In fact, you will suffer from your health if you don’t fart! Not farting is a sign that your health is struggling or that you’re not getting the right diet.

Here’s a look at seven of the most spectacular reasons why you need to fart daily.

You’ll Get Rid of Bloating in Your Stomach

Have you ever felt bloated? Of course, you have.

Bloating makes you feel heavier and fat. Most people will feel it at the end of a heavy meal, but this feeling of bloating can occur at any time. It’s not the food that’s causing a problem, but the way that the body has broken it down. The body has created gas from the food, which will remain in your body until you find a way to get rid of it.

Until you get rid of the gas, you’ll feel swollen and bigger around the abdominal area. There’s a temporary weight gain that isn’t dangerous, but it is annoying. The scales will tell you a lie when you step on them since the gas adds a little extra to your overall weight. You may also feel like your clothes don’t quite fit.

The gas needs to escape. As soon as it does, the feeling of discomfort and bloating will instantly disappear. If you don’t let the gas escape, it will continue to build up. The discomfort and swelling will just get worse, leaving you feeling heavier and fatter. You can cause damage to parts of your body. The bloating will go upwards for another way to escape, affecting your intestines and stomach.

You’ll Protect Your Colon

Holding that fart in is going to do your colon no favors at all. You need to pass gas regularly if you want to keep your colon working properly. You can suffer from other medical issues if you don’t get rid of the gas.

When the wind can build up, it will obstruct your colon. You can’t get rid of the waste in your body, which means your colon becomes painful and full. There is the risk of it bursting, which will mean thefaecal matter is released around your body. This isn’t serious if you hold in a fart now and then until you get somewhere private. However, if you have weak colon walls or other colon issues, you can find that you are in more trouble. This is usually an issue for patients who are critically ill.

It’s not just your colon that benefits. The rest of your body benefits from the release of toxins. Gas is created from parts of the food that can’t be turned into energy. If the toxins remained in your body, they’d stop your organs working properly.

You’ll Get a Warning Sign of Other Problems

There are different types of farts. Some of them are loud but have no odor. Others are silent but deadly. Then there are others that have extreme smells or are painful to do that can alert you to other problems with your health.

If you fart more frequently than in the pass or find that you fart a lot with pain after certain foods, you may be alerted to mild dietary issues. Mild lactose intolerance commonly has symptoms that include smelly, frequent farts as your body tries to get rid of the problematic ingredient.

However, flatulence can also tell you that something more serious is happening. If your farts are painful, you may have a disease within the colon, such as cancer. You will usually have other symptoms that you’ll want to look out for and should talk to your doctor if you are worried.

The good news is most of the painful or weird experiences when farting is linked to your diet. There is usually something that your stomach is struggling to handle. Your intestines may not be able to complete the digestive process, and more gas is being created.

Most adults will have 10-20 farts throughout the day. If you have more than 20, then it may be a sign that your diet needs to change.

You Get Help Balancing Your Diet

Remember that most changes to your farts are linked to your diet. When your body is struggling to digest something, more gas is created, and you will need to fart more. Changes to your farting are signs that your diet needs a little more balancing.

This is sometimes the first sign you’ll get that your diet needs changing. After that, you’ll move onto more bloating, lose or solid feces, or nauseous feelings.

In some cases, it’s just a sign that you’ve overindulged. If you know that you’ve had a bad weekend of junk, your farts are a sign that you need to get back onto the balanced diet and keep the junk to a minimum.

Not passing gas can also tell you that there’s a problem with your diet. One of the biggest reasons for thelack of farting is not having enough fibrous foods in your diet. You need to get more beans, lentils, and vegetables in your diet. Fiber is essential for helping the digestive system keep working.

If your wind smells unpleasant, you’ll want to look at the amount of red meat you’re eating. This is the main culprit for the bad smells. The smell is just a sign that you need to cut back and focus on a more rounded diet.

Farting Tells You About Your Gut Health

While your colon will benefit, farting will also tell you about the health of your bacteria.

Slimmer people with a healthier diet tend to fart more than anyone else. These people also usually have stinker farts. While this is more embarrassing, there is a good reason for this.

Because of your healthy diet, your gut is getting good bacteria. It’s releasing the bad bacteria, which means your whole digestive system is healthier. Of course, the bad bacteria and the toxins developed because of its need to get out of your body somehow. They will escape through the colon and out the butt.

If your farts aren’t that stinky and you don’t fart that much, your body is telling you that there’s a problem. We link back to that benefit of telling you that you need to balance your diet better.

You Get Some Relief Within the Digestive System

There’s no denying that a build-up of gas in the stomach is painful. Bloating brings discomfort, and you get annoyed because you can’t fit into your clothes. Trapped wind can also cause pain in the back and around the whole abdominal area. Sometimes it can feel like your digestive system is struggling to handle the food you’ve eaten.

There is certainly arelief when you pass gas, especially if you’ve held it for a while or it’s been trapped. The relief isn’t just physical but also mental. The idea of having to hold something in that’s painful leads to you being grumpy and irritable.

You’ll instantly get a boost in the mood, which will be better for everyone around you! Stop feeling embarrassed and just be proud that you’ve put your physical and mental health first.

The benefits to your mental health are massive when it comes to getting rid of trapped gas. When the gas becomes stuck behind waste, it can cause pain throughout your body. Some of it passes up your back, making you worry that there’s another issue with your health. As soon as you get rid of the gas, you will get instant relief throughout your body.

You’re Protected from Future Illnesses

Did you know that the smellier farts are helping to protect you from illnesses? This is something that studies have managed to prove. When you have stinker farts, you’re getting rid of more hydrogen sulfide from your body.

This does mean your farts will smell like rotten eggs. However, be proud in the knowledge that you’re getting rid of more toxins from your body. If you don’t get rid of them through your farts, you will end up building the toxins that cause damage to your body.

The toxins will lead to cell damage. They can also cause strokes and heart attack if allowed to build up to alarming levels. You’ll see more signs of aging and put your whole health at risk. Is it worth it for a quick bit of flatulence?

Struggling to Fart? Rub Your Tummy

Sometimes the wind can get trapped. This is often due to digestive upsets or some waste blocking your system. You need to help your digestive system push all the waste through and get rid of the trapped wind. One of the best ways to do this is through rubbing your tummy.

Some warm water or ginger tea can also work. Just sip on the water to avoid adding too much extra waste to your body. Garlic, peppermint, or clove tea can also be beneficial. It’s mostly the warm water that offers all the benefits. The water will break down the waste so that it stops clogging up the system.

While you may not feel like it, a little exercise can also work. Try doing squats or lunges to help encourage the stomach to push the waste through your body.

It’s Time to Start Farting

It’s amazing what one fart can do. While it is embarrassing, it’s a normal and healthy part of life. You need to fart more throughout the day. You should fart between 10 and 20 times a day. Any less than that and it’s a sign that you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet. If you continue this way, you can see various issues with your digestive system. You’ll start seeing other symptoms of low fiber, which can be more detrimental to your health.

That doesn’t mean you must let every fart out when you feel the need. There’s nothing wrong with holding it in until you get somewhere private. Just don’t hold your farts in for too long. Escape to a bathroom and give yourself the mental benefits of getting rid of the gas from your body.

Only you can choose to put your health first. You may be surprised to find out that farting is good for your body, especially in the many ways above. It’s not just going to get rid of gas, but get rid of toxins that will affect the rest of your health.

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