7 Exercises Proven To Killer Inner Thigh Fat


As you start to lose weight, you see the fat drop off from your arms, your chest, and even around your face. Your thighs tend to be overlooked by the metabolism. For some reason, the body takes calories from places that don’t need any more weight being lost from and leaves the stubborn areas alone.

It’s time to get rid of the fat around the inner thighs. They don’t have to rub together when you wear shorts or dresses. You can enjoy the summer without feeling like you’re constantly covered up.

One thing you need is the right exercise plan. You need something that will help to tone and shape your legs, getting rid of the stubborn inner thigh fat. That’s why you need the seven exercises on this list.

You Don’t Need to Go to the Gym

There are thoughts that the only way you can lose the stubborn fat is to hit the gym. After all, you need the thigh masters, right?

That isn’t the case at all. There’s no need for expensive equipment or specialist items. You can start the work just by doing bodyweight exercises. This is where you use the weight of your body to strengthen and tone. From there, you can add weights and items in if you want, but they’re not necessary.

The exercises on this list are all ones that you can start doing right now from your own home. All you’ll need is a mat to rest on, as many of the exercises are on the floor. Check out more info on inner thigh resistance band here

Start with the Lower Leg Side Lift

You’ve heard of the side leg lift, but that mostly works the outer thigh. You’ll have great quads but won’t get rid of the fat causing your thighs to rub together when you walk. You need to do a slight variation of the exercise.

This one works the lower leg when you’re lying on your side. Grab your mat and lay as you would do the normal side leg lift. Pull the upper leg forward slightly, bending it at the knee for some support. Leave the lower leg straight and point your toes to the wall on the other side.

Slowly raise the lower leg as high as possible and then lower it back down. Don’t let the leg touch the floor when you lower. You’ll feel the work within the whole thigh. Try holding the leg in the raised position for a few seconds before lowering it back down.

Do ten reps and then take a 30-second break. Repeat two more times before rolling over and repeating on the other side.

You can do normal side leg raises as well if you’d like. This will give you the overall thigh workout.

Move onto the Inner Thigh Press

Roll onto your back and put your arms by your side for support. Raise your legs, so they extend straight up into the air with your feet flexed. You’ll have a 90-degree bend at your hips.

Now cross your arms and pull your legs slightly towards your body, keeping your hands on the outside of your legs. You’ll now move to a 45-degree bend at your hips or so. Continue to pull your legs together with your hands, while you try to push your legs apart with your legs.

Hold the position for 5+ seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 times and take a 30-second rest with your legs back on the mat. Do this exercise at least three times. As you find it easier, you’ll need to increase a number of seconds you hold the position. You can also increase a number of reps you do.

Rather than using your arms, you can get a resistance band that loops around your shins or knees. Use it as the resistance as you attempt to push your legs out. This exercise works the whole of the thigh. Alternatively, get a spring device to put between your legs and push tight for 5+ seconds to just work the inner thigh.

Perform the Bridge

The bridge is one of the most effective exercises for your thighs and core. It’s often recommended when you want something that will build on the central parts of the body and is highly effective for the inner thighs.

Remain on your back and place your feet flat on the floor about 12 in apart. Place your arms by your side for support.

Pull your abs in, engaging them as if you’re trying to make yourself as thin as possible. Meanwhile, squeeze your butt and thighs and then lift your lower back off the floor. Your upper back to the head and your feet should be the only parts of the body touching the floor. There should be a straight line from your lower chest to your knees. If there’s a dip at the hips, you need to squeeze your butt more and continue to live.

Hold the position for at least 15 seconds and then release. Rest for 30 seconds before repeating two more times.

Alternatively, you can pulse the position. Lower the butt slightly, so it just hovers from the ground and then returns to the bridge position. Do these 15 times and then rest for 30 seconds, before repeating two more times.

Do Your Squats Deeply

Out of all the exercises, the squats are the best for the whole body. They build on leg strength all over, but especially the inner thighs. You can find that your issues with thigh rubbing are a thing of the past.

Of course, there are different types of squats. Deep squats are the type that you want when it comes to inner thigh fighting. It’s also worth adding some dumbbells as you increase your strength to help work the thighs even harder.

Spread your feet, so they are more than shoulder-width apart with your toes slightly pointed outwards. Squat as low as possible. If you have a stepper, use this as a guide to try and squat with your butt touching the stepper. Hold the position for a few seconds and then stand back up.

Do 10 or more squats with a 30-second break in between your sets. You want to do at least three sets. Build on some squats you do in a set as you find them easier to perform.

If you’re using dumbbells, you can work your arm muscles at the same time as your legs. When in the squat position, do three bicep curls and then return to the standing position.

If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use a medicine ball or anything that has some weight to it. Bottles of water are excellent options.

Be a Ballerina

How about a chance at being a ballerina? You don’t need to do any pirouettes or get out the painful pointed shoes right now. It’s all about one exercise that ballerinas do daily: the standing leg raise.

You can use a bar or back of a chair for stability at first, but you want to move to the point where you have your balance on one leg.

Stand with your feet flat on the floor. Push one leg forward, so the toes are pointed, and both legs are straight. You can even turn your leg out, so the instep faces the ceiling. Only your toes of the front foot should touch the floor.

Slowly raise your front leg up, keeping the leg straight. Get it as high as possible. Ballerinas will aim for the toes to get to at least hip level, but just a foot of the ground is good to start. As you do the exercise more, you’ll gain more flexibility to get it higher.

Lower your leg back down slowly, just resting the toes on the floor. As you get better at the exercise, lower the leg so that the toes constantly remain just off the floor.

Do 15 raises and then take a 30-second break. Repeat two more times and then switch to the other leg.

If you turn your leg out, you’ll find that the inner thigh gets a better workout.

There is a slight variation of this workout if you want to do something equally effective but a little different. Stand on your right leg and pull your left leg up, so the toes draw up to the knee. Then extend the left leg out in front and hold the position for 10 seconds. Lower the leg to the floor and repeat 10 times. You can then repeat on the other side. Again, use a table or wall to support yourself.

Try Out the Standing Thigh Press

While you’ve done the inner thigh press, it’s time to try one in a standing position. If you have ankle weights, these can help you get more of a workout with this exercise. However, you don’t need the weights to see the results.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your back straight. Engage your core and thighs, tightening them as if you’re trying to pull the muscles upwards.

Lift your leg, with your feet to the back. Press the thigh of the raised leg against the thigh of the stationary leg. Move the lifted leg out and then bring it back to the other thigh. Hold against the stationary leg for at least five seconds and avoid swinging your leg. The movement should be fluid and controlled.

Do 10 presses and then switch to the other side. Repeat on both sides at least two more times.

You can use a table or wall for support if you need it. As you get better, you’ll find your balance becomes better to support yourself.

Cross Step Up the Stairs

While cross-trainers can be good, there are high chances that you don’t have a machine in your home. You’ll want to find a different way to do the exercise.

Steppers are good, but they work the front part of your thigh more than the inner muscles. You want to do something that mixes stepping and cross-training at the same time. This is where the cross-stepping exercise comes into play.

You’ll just need your stairs with a railing for support. Start at the bottom and step onto the first step with your right leg, crossing it over your left. On the next step cross the left leg over the right. Repeat this until you get to the top of the stairs and then walk back down to the bottom. It’s not safe to cross step on the way back down.

This is an exercise you can do outside. Find a good hill and cross step on the way up it.

Repeat the exercise at least three times, but five is better. As you get used to the exercise, you can either increase a number of sets you do or increase a number of repetitions you do per set.

If you want to add a little extra weight to your exercise, opt for ankle weights. Make sure they are suitable for your legs to avoid injury.

Start Building Your Inner Thigh Muscles

You don’t need a gym to get rid of the inner thigh fat. It’s time to get rid of it with the right exercises. Remember you will still need to do some cardio workouts and eat a healthy diet. The benefit of the exercises is that they target the specific muscle groups. Targeting the muscle groups will help to build and tone, forcing the metabolism to pull some calories from the fat in the area instead.

Exercising isn’t enough. You will need to follow a calorie deficit diet to be able to lose the weight and get rid of all the fat. The muscles will leave you will sculpt legs afterward. You’ll love to show them off in the summer, especially since your thighs don’t rub in the heat!

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