7 Energizing Yoga Poses For The Morning Boost


Mornings are easy for some and difficult for others. Much as you’d like to be bright-eyed and energized every time you wake up, that’s not always the case. Even if innately happy people may not greet each day bounding with energy. There are many reasons why mornings aren’t always smooth. From having a restless night to stressing out about problems, many things can make a person grumpy in the morning.

Luckily, the situation isn’t hopeless. People who wake up in the morning can always boost their energy and improve their mood. They can do this by following a simple yoga routine every morning, before starting the day. Yoga is very beneficial. That’s why it’s been around for years, and it’s becoming more and more popular.

With the right poses, yoga can set free the energy in the body. It’s ideal to do yoga in the morning.This helps breathe life into one’s body by awakening the different internal systems. When there is a release of energy, the person will feel calmer and energized at the same time. It’s truly one of the best ways to start your day!

With so many yoga poses to choose from, it’s quite overwhelming to select the right ones for the morning routine. Each pose comes with its benefit. So, people try to learn which ones are the best for stimulating the body and releasing pent-up energy. A lot of people do simple stretches in the morning and claim that they feel great after. Imagine how one would feel after a good yoga routine? And what’s great about yoga is that you remain energized for the entire day.

This article is all about the best yoga poses to include in your morning routine. These energizing poses will give you the morning boost you need to stay active all day. These poses are easy enough, whether you’re a beginner at yoga or you’ve tried it before.

Why Do Yoga in the Morning?

Yoga has a lot of benefits to one’s health. Doing yoga at the start of the day boosts energy levels and revitalizes the body for the rest of the day. Here are some reasons to do yoga in the morning:

  • It helps plan the intention for the day. Doing yoga in the morning gives time to think about and plan out the whole day. Setting the intention is very useful as it helps determine what needs to be done for the rest of the day.
  • Yoga helps clear the mind. Often, people who wake up are still in a fuzzy state of mind. Many yoga poses help make the mind clear and focused, ready to take on the daily tasks.
  • It reduces the feeling of stress and anxiety. No matter what the reason, people may feel stressed from the start of the day. Following a simple yoga routine can help reduce these negative feelings and replace them with clarity and positivity.
  • Yoga makes people happy. Physical activity releases endorphins in the system. These hormones contribute to the feeling of happiness. So, starting the day off with a simple yoga routine will help anyone feel happier for the rest of the day.

Sun Salutation Pose

Surya Namaskar. The sun salutation pose is named as such because of the body’s position. With this pose, you make a salute to the sun. The pose also looks like you’re giving thanks for the morning and the brand-new day. Physically, the sun salutation poses rapidly makes you focus on your body. It helps get your blood circulating, and it helps in breathing too. With this pose, your mind becomes clearer and you become more aware of your own body.

This pose helps loosen the muscles. It stimulates the muscles and stretches the entire body intensely. When the muscles expand and contract in this pose, it aids in redirecting impure blood. This pose eliminates body stiffness, which is something a lot of people feel in the morning.

Start this pose by standing tall with the arms at the sides. Breathe in and raise the arms out then up, joining the palms together. Look up at the sky then breathe out and fold forward, towards the legs. Place the hands flat on the floor, unlock the knees then let the forehead meet the shins. Step one foot back then the other into the plank position. Breathe out and go down halfway. Pull up the spine and roll the shoulders backward. Breathe out and move to downward dog pose. Breathe three times and walk the feet to the hands. Slowly stand upright, breathe in and raise the arms out then up, joining the palms together once again. Do this sequence 1-2 times.

Warrior II Pose

Virabhadrasana II. The warrior II pose improves the flexibility of the spine. It makes the legs stronger and aids in bringing energy to the body. This pose transforms people. It makes them revitalized and stronger, much like a warrior, ready for any challenge.

This pose has many benefits. It opens the chest area, allowing the lungs to breathe better. It energizes worn-out limbs, enhancing the body’s stamina. The warrior II pose develops concentration and balance. It also stimulates the different organs to boost circulation. This is an effective pose to use in the morning especially for those who feel back pain.

Start this pose by standing tall with the arms at the sides. Lunge forward and bring the arms up in a straight, horizontal line. One arm should be in front and the other behind. Stretch the legs as far as you can without losing balance. Remember to breathe in and out while doing this pose. Stay in this pose for some time then go back to the first pose. Repeat the sequence using the other leg too. Do this sequence about 2-3 times on each side.

Cat-Cow Pose

Marjaryasana-Bitilasana. This pose awakens the back to release the pent-up energy. It helps rinse out synovial fluid found in between the spinal discs. When this happens, the spine gets lubricated and becomes more limber for the entire day. It gives the neck a good stretch and opens the chest. These actions allow for easier breathing and a calmer state of mind.

The cat-cow pose enhances flexibility and makes the spine stronger. It makes use of the primary and the secondary curves, which have a reciprocal relationship. In this pose, the spine is lengthened to boost circulation. This is a great pose to practice relieving back stress.

Start this pose by going on all fours, hands, and knees flat on the floor. Make sure the wrists align with the shoulders. The knees should be right beneath the hips. Curl all the toes while breathing in. Also, Pull the shoulders apart from each other and push the chest forward to lengthen the spine. Uncurl the toes while breathing out. Also, curve the spine by pulling the belly button in. Do this sequence 2-3 times.

Bridge Pose

Setu Bandhasana. This is another pose that works with the spine. All the poses that work with the spine also awaken the body’s nervous system. The bridge pose helps make the body more relaxed and more flexible. This is very useful especially if your daily routine involves a lot of movement.

This pose openskey body parts which are essential in awakening the whole body. It invigorates the legs to keep them active and ready for the day’s activities. Aside from the spine, the bridge pose does a lot of work on the legs. It provides a more profound awareness of the leg muscles and strengthens the supporting muscles too. For beginners who can only perform a few poses each morning, this can serve as the cooling pose. It’s great for cooling, but it boosts energy levels too.

Start this pose lying on the back. The feet are flat on the floor, the knees are bent, and the arms are flat on the sides of the body. Raise the hips up and clasp the hands together underneath. Breathe in and out for some time then lower the hips. Do this sequence about 3-5 times.

Upward Plank Pose

Purvottanasana. This is a great pose for people who spend the day sitting or hunched in front of a computer. That’s because the upward plank pose counteracts the hunched posture. It opens the chest, allowing oxygen to reach the heart. It also warms up the whole body, from the core to the limbs.

The upward plank pose makes the wrists, arms, and legs a lot stronger. It’s a simple, easy and beneficial pose. Aside from the chest, the shoulders and ankles get stretched out too. This improves mobility and flexibility, making the body strong for the day’s activities.

Start this pose sitting down with the legs stretched out in front. The feet must be together and the palms flat on the floor. The hands must be a bit farther from the butt with the fingers relaxed. Breathe in and lift the hips up while bending the head back. Palms remain flat on the floor. Push the shoulders back to open the chest area. Breathe in and out for about four times and gradually go back to the sitting position. Do this sequence about 3-5 times.

Forward Fold

Uttanasana. The forward fold helps the body and mind focus. It’s an excellent pose to center yourself and heighten awareness. This pose stretches out the hamstrings, the calves, and the knees. It helps release any tension felt in the lower back and the legs. It’s a safe pose to do in the morning for the spine because the body is still a bit stiff.

This beneficial pose helps make the knees and thighs stronger. It strengthens the spine and lets it stay flexible throughout the day. Doing the forward fold will lower the stress levels and the levels of fatigue. It’s effective in soothing the body’s nerves and calming the mind down.

Start this pose by standing with the feet apart, and the knees bent slightly. The distance of the feet should be as wide as the hips. Bend over forward, being certain that the ankles are right below the hips. Pull in the stomach and let the head hang freely. Hug the back of the knees by grasping the elbows with the hands. While in this position, breathe in and out about twelve times. Do this sequence 1-2 times.

Half Moon Pose

Ardha Chandrasana. These poses started off by saluting the sun, and they will end with the half moon pose. This pose is great in reducing stress and anxiety, giving you a more positive feeling. The moon is very significant in the mythology of yoga. It stands for one of the polar energies found in the body. That’s why this pose is so popular.

The half moon pose stretches out different parts of the body. It improves one’s sense of balance as well as the body’s coordination. It also strengthens various body parts and enhances the digestion process.

Start this pose by standing tall with the arms at the sides. Slowly reach your arm down and forward until your hand touches the floor. Stretch the opposite leg up to make a long, diagonal line. Stretch the other arm upwards. This helps the body balance better. Hold the pose for some time and go back to the standing position. Do this sequence on each side 2-3 times.

End Your Routine and Start Your Day

There you go! The 7 best energizing poses for the morning boost. People who keep practicing these poses know that they’ll get easier each time. Of course, you must end your routine properly before you rush off to start the rest of your day. Most people sit and breathe for a few minutes after such a routine. This helps the body adjust and regulate the breathing after the workout. This also helps the body relax, and the mind calms down. Then the effects of all the poses are felt more by the person.

Also, after such workouts, most people drink a glass of water. This helps hydrate the body, keeping it healthy and energized. A healthy breakfast should also follow such a routine. This ensures that the body also has nutrients for the whole morning.

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