7 Effective Workouts to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat


<p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Lower-Back-Fat-Image-Design-1-1024×562.jpg” alt=”” width=”900″ height=”494″ />When it comes to weight and how to get rid of lower back fat, you can’t always control where you lose weight from. However, you can control where the muscles tone up. This will help to shape you body the way that you want.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Say you wanted to know how to get rid of back fat, you’d know that back exercises are the way to go. If you wanted to get rid of arm fat, you’d work on those specific muscles especially for fat loss, right? Well, when it comes to lower back fat and love handles, you’ll want to work on exercises that concentrate on these muscles.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>However, the back and side workouts aren’t always the easiest to come up with. There are plenty, but we tend to hear all about legs, arms, and abs workouts. It’s time to focus on the right part of the body.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Here are seven of the most effective workouts on how to get rid of lower back fat.</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Don’t Forget About the Diet!</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Image_1-3.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”290″ /></p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Before we get right into how to get rid of lower back fat, you need to remember it’s not all about building muscle. You’re not technically getting rid of the fat when you do these workouts. Exercises help to build the muscle, which sits underneath the layers of fat. If you want to get rid of the fat, you will still need to work on the right diet.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>You still need to create a calorie deficit. This means eating fewer calories than you burn daily.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>The great news is that exercise will help you burn more calories and is one main components on how to get rid of back fat. And building muscle will help you burn even more! Your muscles need more calories, so your metabolism naturally speeds up. You will find it easier to create a calorie deficit daily.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>By focusing on specific exercises, you’re just encouraging the muscles in certain areas to build. While you start to lose fat from the whole body, your back and sides will look more trim because you’re building up these specific muscles from these seven exercises I’m sharing today.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>So, the first major rule is to combine diet and exercise to help get the body of your dreams!</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Start with the Bridge</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Image_2-3.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”334″ /></p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>One of the first exercises to do is the Bridge. This is one of the easiest to do to build your back, butt, and thighs. The only time you shouldn’t do this is if you’re pregnant. Laying on your back is a no-no when pregnant. There’s an artery in your back that your baby will compress when in this position, and you can end up cutting off blood flow.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Start by lying flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Your knees should have about a 45-degree angle to them. Put your hands on your hips and lift your butt off the floor. You should have a straight line from your shoulders all the way to your knees, with a 45-degree incline to the floor.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. If you can hold it for two minutes, then that is even better. Lower yourself gently to the floor and then take a 30-second break.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>You want to repeat this exercise three times at least—although five times is better.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>As you build up your strength, you’ll find this exercise easier to do. Keep working on increasing the amount of time that you hold it.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Make this exercise harder with the use of an exercise ball. Put your feet on it and hold your body steady while in the Bridge position.</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Move onto the Plank</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Image_3-3.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”334″ /></p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>The Plank is known as an exercise to build your core, but it also works your side and your back as well as fat loss. It’s one of the best all over exercises, especially as you get better at holding the position!</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Start laying flat on your stomach with your elbows tucked in. Raise your body off the ground, so only your elbows and toes are touching the floor. You want to keep your back straight and your butt down. You’ll feel the pull around your core muscles.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>If you find this too difficult, lower on your knees and build up the core strength first. Keep testing your muscle strength to move into the full plank as soon as possible.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Hold the position for 30 seconds at least and then lower yourself gently. You want to increase your time to 90 seconds. Do it at least three times.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>As you get better at this exercise, you’ll be able to raise yourself up into a press up position, so your hands and toes are the only parts of your body touching the floor.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>When this gets too easy, you can move onto using an exercise ball for your feet. This requires a lot of extra core strength, as the ball will want to roll around. You can add an extra element to your back by pulling the ball to your chest and back out as you develop the strength to hold the plank.</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Adapt to the Side Plank</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Image_4-3.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”344″ /></p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Now it’s time to do a slight variation of the plank. This works the sides more than the normal plank, while also working your lower back and thighs.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Lay on your side with one elbow underneath you. You want to raise up into a plank, but on your side, so only your elbow and foot are touching the floor. Keep your feet stacked, so your spine remains in line.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>This is a difficult exercise. You’ll not just need the core strength but the balance. Try to hold it for 15 seconds to start with and build your way up to longer. If it starts to get too easy, you know that you need to hold it for another 5-15 seconds at a time.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Remember to switch sides to work both of your love handles and strengthen all elements of your back!</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Do the Superman Pose</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Image_5a.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”340″ /></p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Move onto the Superman Pose for burning your back fat. This is one of those poses that will be the easiest for those with weaker cores but really works on building up the strength. You’ll work every aspect of your core strength with this exercise.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Start by laying on your front with your arms stretched out above your head and your legs straight. Lift one leg off the floor along with the opposite hand. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and then lower back into the laying position. Repeat on the opposite side.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>You can raise both legs and hands at the same time if you want. If you have back pain, you’ll want to avoid this until you’ve built up the core muscles and found out why the back pain is there—you want to repair thedamage before doing the full exercise.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Now you can work on the next stage of this fat loss exercise. Kneel on all fours and keep your back straight throughout this exercise. Raise one arm out straight ahead, lifting the opposite leg straight out behind you. Hold the position for at least 15 seconds and then return to all fours. Repeat on the other side.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>The stronger you get, the longer you’ll be able to do the Superman Pose. What you really want to do is focus on the straight back. You should have a straight line from the tip of your raised hand to the tip of your raised foot.</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Work on the Dorsal Raises</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Image_5-3.jpg” alt=”” width=”499″ height=”333″ /></p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>This will sound like the Superman pose, but the idea isn’t to hold the position. You want to do repetitions of this workout to build exactly on the lower back only. If you suffer from weak backs and pain when carrying backpacks, this is the exercise for you.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Start by laying on your front with your hands on your back. Keeping your feet straight out and on the ground, raise your chest off the ground. Lower gently and repeat these 10 times.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Take a 30-second rest and then repeat for another 10 times. You want to do three repetitions of this at least. As you get better, increase a number of dorsal raises you do or increase a number of repetitions you include in your workout.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>You’ll likely find that these are among the easiest of exercises to perform. However, you’ll feel the muscles building in your back afterward!</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Build on this exercise by placing your hands by your side instead, touching your hips. Avoid straining yourself when lifting your chest off the ground to avoid injury.</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Perform Scissor Leg Lifts</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Image_6-2.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”334″ /></p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Leg lifts will work your abs, but the scissor lifts will improve your lower back at the same time. This is an exercise that you’ll need to build your way up to. Start by just doing leg lifts to improve your core strength and then work on this exercise when you’re ready for it. Slowly increasing the amount, you do will help to avoid injury.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>When you lift your legs, open them up and then bring them closed with one leg crossed over the other. Open your legs again and close again with the opposite leg crossed over on top.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>You want to do at least 10 repetitions of this if you can. Work your way up and start by just doing two reps and lower your legs back down. You’ll feel your core strength building, and that’s when you’ll want to do more.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Take a 30-60 second break between the exercises.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>To help with your stability, keep your arms by your hips and maybe just slightly further out. You can use your arms to help pull your legs up.</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Finish with the Cat to Camel Stretch</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”><img draggable=”false” src=”http://www.positivehealthwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Image_7-3.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”317″ /></p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>This is more of a yoga pose than a physical exercise. Not only will it build your back muscles, but it will also stretch them to help you cool down after your workout. Therefore, you want to do this exercise at the very end.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Start on all fours. Pull your stomach in and lift your back up. You want to create a hump that looks a bit like a camel’s hump. Draw your head, so your chin touches your chest.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Now lower your stomach back towards the floor, creating an arch in your back. You’ll look like a cat stretching out. Look up to the ceiling and allow your neck to stretch out.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>This isn’t just a great exercise for building on your back muscles. It improves your flexibility and will help to ease neck pain. You’ll also improve your posture to help get rid of back pain, which is common with weak core muscles.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Hold both positions for at least 5 seconds. If you can hold them for 15-30 seconds, that is even better. Repeat each position at least 5 times.</p><h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Build the Muscles and Get Rid of the Back Fat</h2><p style=”text-align: justify;”>When you work diet and exercise together, you won’t just lose weight but lose it from where you want to. You increase the muscle strength and boost the metabolism. As your body sheds the fat, your muscles shine through and make you look trimmer and firmer than ever before.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>How to get rid of lower back fat? With the above seven exercises, you’ll have a stronger back. Many of the exercises will work your side and abs muscles at the same time, giving you an all over smaller waist and toner body. You’ll get yourself beach body ready long before the summer months! Just make sure you leave the cat to camel strength until last to help ease off your muscles and improve your flexibility at the same time as getting rid of the back fat.</p><p style=”text-align: justify;”>Some of the above exercises are difficult but are effective in terms of how you can get rid of lower back fat. You’ll need to build up the strength to hold the positions for longer. All the discomfort and sweat that you go through will be worth it in the end. The great news is that you can do all the exercises in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need for any special equipment or worry about what others in your local gym will think about your weaker back muscles. Build confidence in your abilities to do these excellent back fats burning  exercises.</p>


How to get rid of lower back fat? Here are some examples of compound, body weight  exercises:

1. How to get rid of lower back fat Burpees

2. How to get rid of lower back fat birds

3. How to get rid of lower back fat Alternating lunges with bicep curls

4. How to get rid of lower back fat Alternating lunges with hammer curls

5. How to get rid of lower back fat Alternating lunges with shoulder presses

6. How to get rid of lower back fat Squat with alternating shoulder presses

7. How to get rid of lower back fat Squat to bicep curl to shoulder press

To many people, these exercises may seem tough, and they are because they were designed to challenge your whole body. How to get rid of lower back fat?

When you perform a compound fat loss exercise for the first time, your sense of balance and your overall strength will be tested, so it is best to limit your repetitions the first few weeks, just to make sure that your body gets used first to the movements on how to get rid of lower back fat.

It is always best to check with your doctor first, before trying any new physical fitness regimen. Your safety is always the primary concern, especially if you have common conditions like high blood pressure and joint problems. Good luck on your fat loss journey!

Know more on How to get rid of lower back fat?

Here are some Fat burning Food Tips:

The best fat burning food forces your body to use a large part of the calories during the digestion and utilization process. How to get rid of lower back fat.

This is one of the major secrets of an effective, long term weight loss and fat loss program and it contributes on how to get rid of lower back fat. 

By eating meals that have food with a high thermic effect you can produce some truly amazing fat loss results. How to get rid of lower back fat.

How to get rid of lower back fat?This is a long term nutrition strategy because once you reach your ideal weight you will have to keep eating this way for as long as you want to maintain this weight and is also how to get rid of lower back fat. 

How to get rid of lower back fat. If you go back to your old eating habits you will simply gain all the weight back, and will be wondering why you can’t maintain your ideal weight eating whatever you want whenever you want. How to get rid of lower back fat. 

How to get rid of lower back fat. The reason is simple, people that have problems with fat loss have body types with a slow metabolism, and in order to maintain ideal weight they have to eat an almost perfect diet on a daily basis.How to get rid of lower back fat.

How to get rid of lower back fat. One or two cheat meals per week are the most that they can allow themselves. If they eat more they will gain body fat.

How to get rid of lower back fat by eating? The best fat burning foods  are lean protein and complex carbohydrates. These two nutrients force your body to burn up to 30% of the calories that come from them during the digestion and utilization process.

How to get rid of lower back fat. If you want to create the body of your dreams and learn how to get rid of lower back fat permanently, how to get rid of lower back fat, you will also have to use cardio and weight training on a regular basis.

How to get rid of lower back fat. Trying to use a diet without  exercises is the major reason why 95% of the people that use this approach fail in the long term. How to get rid of lower back fat. and is not how to get rid of lower back fat.

How to get rid of lower back fat. Exercise, especially cardio is the real secret to how to get rid of lower back fat. Without regular exercise long term weight loss or fat loss is simply impossible for most people.


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