6 Easy Workouts To Do Without Weights


weights-image-design-1If you want to get fit without using weights, you’ll find that there are a lot of workouts which don’t require dumbbells, bench presses and more. Today, we’d like to share information about these workouts with you. We want to empower you by offering you access to workout plans which are easy to do almost anywhere, without any type of fitness equipment.

The workouts that we’re going to talk about today are designed to improve endurance, agility and strength and they are very easy to learn. Workouts have different levels of difficulty, so they do provide various challenge levels to those who try them. For example, the Burpee-style exercise that we’re posting here is going to challenge you. It’s going to work back muscles which you may not be used to activating very often. As well, the push-up exercises that we’re going to discuss are going to push you by requiring all of your strength, power and drive. How many calories do burpees burn?

In general, it’s best to change it up with workouts, so that every muscle group gets attention. This is why it’s probably best to alternate workouts which do feature weights with workouts that don’t feature weights. Today, we’re focusing on the non-weights workouts, but you’ll be able to find plenty of weights-based workouts online, as well as video tutorials. Some people find workouts online which feature a host of exercises, while others focus on finding instructions for single exercises.

The Web is Filled with Workout Tips and Instructions

Sportsmen. fit male trainer man and woman doing clapping push-ups explosive strength training concept crossfit fitness workout strenght power If you don’t like the suggestions that we’ve added here in this article, you may want to consider Yoga or swimming. These soothing forms of exercise will help you to get fit without putting too much strain on your body. It’s important to consider your fitness level before you make a decision about which type of weights-free exercise to try. It’s all about knowing your own body and what you’re capable of. However, we do recommend trying a few or all of these exercises in order to see whether or not you are able to do them. Most people are capable of doing these exercises. Start out with just two or three reps if your personal fitness isn’t strong. Then, build up to more repetitions in order to become your fittest self.

Now, let’s talk about some great workouts to do without weights. We’ve chosen six workouts which will give you the power to build strength and endurance and tone your body, while also boosting your overall fitness. You’ll find that these exercises aren’t anything new. They’ve been around for decades and they’ve been used by athletes, military personnel who are doing basic training, and many other types of people.

Workout #1 – Do Modified Burpees

Sometimes, you may want to work out where there aren’t any chin-up bars available. This modified Burpee workout will allow you to target the muscles in your back. When you choose this workout, you’ll get the pull-up benefits, without needing to hang from a bar. First, squat low and then place your legs behind you , so that you’ll be in the classic push-up position.

Next, jump the legs upward, making sure that they land in a space outside of the hands. Pull with your lats in order to put your legs back into position for jumping. Then, rise up. When you practice correct form, you’ll work out your back muscles and you’ll probably experience a little soreness in these muscles the day afterwards. Of course, if you do have access to a bar, you can use it to do classic Burpee exercises.

These exercises are pretty tough. You will need to push yourself, but pushing yourself is the key to change. If you want to build back muscle which supports a stronger core, better posture and a stronger body in general, you’ll find that this workout works wonders. Concentrate on perfecting your form, whether you’re doing modified Burpees or Burpees on a bar.

Workout #2 – Do Some Traditional Push-ups

Push-ups work out the muscles in the core, triceps, chest and shoulders. Push-ups are tough, but require no weights. The weight of your own body is used in order to create resistance during the movement. You may know how to do a proper push-up already. Basically, you’ll start by placing both hands on the floor. Your hands should be a little further apart than shoulder width. Next, bring your body down until your chest is very close to the floor. You body should be held straight as you do the movement. While you’re performing the push-ups, make sure that you pull in your ab muscles and squeeze your glutes. Also, make sure that your elbows are very near your body. Push-ups are hard and they do build strength quickly. Most people can’t do a lot, but some people are super-fit and do tons of them every day. If you want to boost core fitness, consider alternating push-ups with crunches (sit-ups).

Workout #3 – Challenge Yourself with Squats

Squats are a mainstay of serious fitness fans. They are challenging and effective. To begin a squat exercise, which targets the lower body, put your feet at shoulder-width distance and then move your arms so that they point outwards, right in front of you. Next, move downward by forcing the hips backward and bending your knees.

Glance forward and keep the chest upright in order to keep your back in the right position. Don’t change this position during your movement. Squat really low and then burst upward, via your heels, until you’re back at the original position. Weight should be distributed to the heels as you exercise.

If you want a more developed butt and upper legs, squats will help you to achieve your goals. These exercises are known for their ability to tone these parts of the body. Those who want a better butt definitely rely on squats in order to get what they want. In fact, they are probably the best butt workout around.

Workout #4 – Do Some Broad Jumps

If you want to do an exercise which targets your calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes, be sure to consider broad jumps. With this exercise, you’ll use explosive movement in order to build muscle. Athletes who perform broad jumps begin with balanced stances and then explode outward, as far as possible. It’s all about creating explosive power, as well as balance. With this movement, you’ll need to land without movement. Quick repetitions will help you to get the most from broad jumps. Look for ways to increase your height and speed as you train.

Some people do these jumps outside. Others have enough space to do them inside. In general, we recommend getting out in the fresh air in order to do these exercises. It’s probably the best way to ensure that sufficient space is available. Plus, fresh air is good for you. Some people do these jumps at schools or universities which have public track and field facilities. This may be an option for you, too.

Broad jumps are sort of fun. You’ll find that you want to jump higher and farther each time. If you make it into a contest with yourself or another fitness buddy, you should add a little competition and excitement.

Workout #5 – Try Standing Long Jumps

You’ll need some space to do this jump, so it’s a good choice for outdoor workouts. To begin, put your feet at a parallel. Rock your heels and toes off of the ground, but don’t lift your feet before you do your jump. Also, rock your arms back and forth and bend your knees/hips in order to create the right stance and rhythm. Next, start your jump by swinging each arm.

When you jump, be certain that your feet go off of the ground simultaneously. This will help you to extend the various parts of the body which are used during the jump, such as the hips, ankles and knees. This is known as “triple extension” and it’s the key to doing these movements correctly. Before you land, your feet should be well ahead of your body. Bend your knees and hips when you land, as this will help your body to absorb the shock in the safest, gentlest manner.

This is another workout which is probably best performed outdoors. Be sure that you have good footwear. It’s important to wear supportive sneakers which help to absorb shocks during jumps. Investing in footwear which is designed specifically for track-and-field athletes will be wise. However, any sneakers should work.

Workout #6 – Do Some Old-fashioned Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are a school mainstay and they help people to get fit without losing weight. We probably don’t need to post instructions for doing Jumping Jacks here, as this is an exercise that everyone knows how to do already. We recommend ten Jumping Jacks, or more if you can handle it. You may need to build up your fitness. If you need helping learning how to do jumping jacks, which are great cardio and very impressive in terms of engaging the core and working the leg and arm muscles, be sure to find instructional videos or photos online.

All of the exercises that you used to do in your school gym classes will be good choices. In general, these are the tried-and-true exercises that don’t require the usage of weights and they are very effective. It’s all about going back to basics and doing old-fashioned exercise which burns calories, tones the body and develops new, lean muscle.

If you alternate jumping jacks with a few other workouts listed here, and maybe run a bit or jump rope, you should be able to boost overall fitness. Jumping Jacks are popular exercises because they require intense movement which is fast. This drives up the heart rate and helps exercisers to break a sweat. While these exercises are simple to do, they are really effective in terms of boosting fitness and this is why we recommend them for you today.

Why Work Out without Weights?

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Working out without weights is convenient. Basically, you don’t need anything but a pair of sneakers in order to boost fitness. The key to enjoying better fitness via non-weights workouts is doing these workouts consistently. Do them inside or outside and make a point of pushing yourself to muscle endurance. Sometimes, we don’t push hard enough. Listen to your body, but be sure to push yourself, as breaking a sweat and feeling the burn is the key to shocking you body into building muscle and getting stronger.

The six workouts that we’ve talked about here are time-honoured choices. They work very well for most people. Another option is running. Jumping rope is also great cardio which will raise your heart rate and burn calories. There are so many ways to get fit without weights, although weights certainly have their place.

If you want quick results, be sure to combine your weights-free workouts with a clean diet which includes plenty of lean protein. This will be the key to giving your body the fuel that it needs in order to develop muscle. Some people utilise protein powders, such as Whey Protein drink mixes, in order to make sure that their bodies have the right fuel at all times. Supplements of this type are valuable. However, you shouldn’t need to supplement in order to get fitter via these workouts.

Now that you know 6 easy workouts to do without weights, you’ll be ready to move forward and improve your personal fitness. Work out alone, with a group or with a buddy. It’s all about learning the right exercises for superior fitness, which don’t require the use of weights. It’s best to have a workout routine. Good habits which are practised every day without fail, or a few times a week, are the key to building and maintaining fitness.

We’ve included workouts which target different areas of the body. By offering you a variety of exercises, we’ll help you to access full-body fitness.

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