5 Winter Workouts that Boost Metabolism


metabolism-image-design-1Winter is a time when many people tend to gain weight. It’s colder outside, and we’re less likely to seek out physical activity out of doors. As well, we tend to overindulge during the winter holiday season, when there are a lot of social functions. If you want to be fit during winter, you should know that there are 5 winter workouts that boost metabolism. When you try one or all of them, you’ll be able to reboot your body, so that it burns more calories. This means that you’ll be able to eat more without gaining weight.

Exercise, in general, does promote a higher metabolic rate, and this is one reason why it’s so important for everyone. However, specific workouts are proven to deliver the best metabolism-boosting benefits, and we’re going to put these workouts in the spotlight today. It’s all about showing you how to get more from exercise, as it relates to helping you become your leanest self!

The truth is that living in a place where it gets cold during winter is a bonus regarding metabolic rate. Our metabolisms are faster when it’s cold outside. This isn’t common knowledge, but it means that you already have an edge and you can make this fitness edge more pronounced by doing the right winter workouts. In fact, doing the workouts listed here during winter may allow you to access your highest metabolic rate ever!

Group of friends stretching in the snow in winter

Learning how to get more from fitness during winter is really valuable. It’s a great time to work out, and you should shoot for at least three or four thirty-minute workouts per week. It’s easy to build fitness into your life and doing so may be life-changing.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the best ways to boost metabolism through winter workouts. As a bonus, you’ll find that doing these workouts promotes better mood. The exercise which is intense enough to raise the heart rate helps the body to release feel-good compounds known as endorphins. These natural chemicals will give you a natural high.

Give Cross-Training a Try

Fit athlete woman doing abs exercises street work out in woods winter park.

Cross-training is very popular this day, and it’s all about switching workouts to tone more parts of the body. If you’re used to going to the gym, you may become a cross-trainer by replacing one of your weekly gym workouts with some intense winter sports, such as a hockey game in a local league, or brisk skating during a Free Skate at a local rink.  Other options for replacing the gym workout include snowshoeing or skiing.

Sometimes, we get into a rut with fitness. We do the same things every day, and our body doesn’t get “shocked” into changing. Therefore, cross-training is such an effective way to push past plateaus and boost your metabolic rate. As well, cross-training stops boredom. It’s all about variety and trying something new and fun.

Replacing one workout for another will also work. It doesn’t have to be a sport that you use for your replacement workout. You may try a Yoga workout one day, when you’d normally be at the gym, or do something else, such as Pilates or a Zumba class. Changing it up is what cross-training is all about. Your body will respond to new moves and different styles of exercise.

If you do the same workouts everyday, winter will be a great time to add cross-training to your life. You’ll be primed to burn more calories, even at rest, because your body has been exposed to new workouts which help it to develop. Why not plan a cross-training schedule today?

Try a Spin Class Today

People pedaling during a spinning class

Sometimes, we lose the motivation to work out when the weather is chilly. We become content to lie around at home, watching some television. While there is certainly nothing wrong with relaxing, it’s important to do workouts a few times a week, even when your inclination is to stay put at home, where it’s warm and cozy. Why not try a spin class today?

This type of class is an indoor cycling class, and it’s known for its intensity. You’ll break a sweat at a local spin class, and you may also find it stimulating and challenging. Once the class is over, you’ll probably feel fantastic. This type of butt-kicking workout features hill climbing and other hard cycling tasks, and it’s possible to burn up to five hundred calories in just one forty-minute class! That’s a lot of calories and equals a typical meal. You’ll boost your metabolic rate as you ride and this means that you’ll be able to indulge in more holiday foods without gaining weight.

Most spin studios offer free introductory classes to newbies, so trying one of these free classes will be an excellent way to test out a studio and class before you sign on for membership. Spin classes feature interval training and interval training drives up the body’s resting metabolic rate.

Try Dance-Inspired Workouts

Group training in a fitness center

Did you know that your metabolism is higher naturally when the temperatures outside are colder? A lot of people don’t realize that they already have a natural advantage during winter, if they live in places where it gets cold during the winter months. To get maximum benefits from this natural rise in metabolic rate, be sure to work out during the winter. It may be possible to lose more weight in winter when you add the right workouts into the mix.

If you love to dance, trying a dance-inspired workout, such as a barre workout which incorporates ballet moves, or a jazz dance workout or something of that nature, will allow you to have fun and as you move, burn calories, tone your body and boost your metabolic rate. These workouts are fun because participants do learn how to dance as they get fit. As well, they feature great music, which is very motivational. Ballet-inspired workouts are a hot trend right now, and you won’t need to wear pointed shoes or anything like that. Instead, you’ll be able to dance and stretch in normal exercise gear. Each class is different, so look for one in your area and then see what you should wear and bring with you.

People dancing during Zumba training fitness at a gym

Again, most studios which offer these classes allow newcomers to try a class for free, with no obligation to become members. We recommend trying out a free class before you buy a membership. As well, be sure to check reviews of dance-inspired exercise classes online before trying them out. Yelp usually has a lot of reviews of local businesses, so it’s a good place to look for this type of information.

Add Challenging Circuit Training to Your Routine

Push-ups on a suspension

One of the best winter workouts for metabolism-boosting does take place in the gym (or at home, if you have the right fitness equipment). It’s called circuit training, and it’s designed to provide enough intensity to boost the body’s metabolic rate. To perform circuit training efficiently, you’ll need to do a trio of challenging, ten-minute circuits, for a total of thirty minutes of hard exercise. Examples of exercises to try include medicine ball overhead squats, open knee tucks, scissor power switches and skip and scoops. You’ll be able to find instructions and video tutorials for these exercises via the Web. The Mastering correct form will be the key to unlocking the metabolism-boosting power of circuit training.

It’s good to protect your body while you do these exercises, so be sure to do them on fitness mats. It’s also fun to have a workout buddy, so consider asking a friend to go to the gym with your or work out with you at your home. Once you’ve tried this hard workout, you’ll see why it pushes you through plateaus. It’s not going to be easy, and you’ll feel the burn. However, you’ll find that this type of winter workout is a great way to keep your body in peak condition when the temperatures outside fall.

Group Of People In Gym Circuit Training

If you want expert assistance, hiring a personal training to help you do circuit training will be smart. This type of fitness pro will care about your fitness, and he or she will be there to cheer you on, correct your form and track your progress. Personal trainers know how to motivate clients. If you have trouble motivating yourself, hiring a respected and experienced personal trainer may be the key to staying on track with winter fitness.

Do a Fitness Challenge Online

Woman practicing yoga at home

If you prefer to work out at home, signing for a fitness program, such as P90X, which is known for its extreme qualities, may be the key to creating a sleek new body and boosting your metabolic rate. We’re not promoting any program here, so we recommend that you check out a handful before deciding. What you choose should depend on your fitness goals, as well as your fitness starting point. P90X is extreme, so it’s going to kick your butt unless you are currently in excellent shape. However, if you follow the program as directed, you will get results.

There are tons of fitness programs and challenges out there online. Most allow members to enjoy streaming workout videos and chat support from fitness pros, as well as access to online communities, such as message boards, where everyone can connect to discuss their progress, fitness tips, nutrition tips and more. If you love the online world, you’ll find that signing up for one of these programs is enjoyable. Prices vary. Look at reviews carefully before you put down money. Make sure that you’re choosing a fitness program which people love and believe in.

Winter Fitness is Not a Pipe Dream

Group of friends stretching in the snow in winter

Winter fitness is easier, as our metabolisms run at a higher rate when it’s cold outside. While the lure of holiday calories is always strong during wintertime, the right, metabolism-boosting workouts will help you to burn off any treats and enjoy a sleeker, sexier body. As well, exercise will make you feel so good. It’s great for mood and people who work out regularly often remark that they handle stress and problems more effectively. If you find the winter season depressing, exercise may be the secret of banishing the winter blues and enjoying this chilly time of year.

Some people like to exercise alone. Others prefer a group vibe. Choosing the right winter workout from out list will be easier when you consider your own fitness personality. However, you shouldn’t resist change. Instead, you should embrace it. Trying a group sport when you’re used to doing exercises at home may help you to enrich your life. While everyone won’t enjoy group sports, some people will love them. It’s all about pushing the boundaries and seeing what’s out there. Sometimes, we give up on group sports and workouts as we get older, even through we enjoyed them when we were younger. If this is the case with you, you may find that trying a group fitness activity is the secret of enjoying some socializing as you tone your muscles and boost your metabolic rate.

Hopefully, our detailed guide has made it easier for you to plan winter fitness, workout by workout. We’ve tried to include the most practical advice because we want you to look and feel your best during the busy winter holiday season. Exercise is so important. It should be a part of everyone’s life, year-round.

Now that you know the secrets of winter fitness, you’ll be ready to do workouts which improve your metabolic rate and allow you to enjoy a few more treats during holiday get-togethers. Also, these workouts will help you to look your best in a host of holiday attire, from ugly Christmas sweaters to cocktail dresses or suits to onesie pajamas. If you want body confidence, these workouts will help you to get it. So, why not try them today?

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