5 Muscle Toning Workout For The Instant Butt Lift


Would you love to make your butt look toner and firmer? Does it seem like all the exercises in the world aren’t making your butt look better? Well, it’s like the type of exercises you’re doing. Some exercises will make your butt look firmer at the bottom, but they don’t seem to do anything for the muscles at the top.

You need a butt lifting workout. There are certainly ways that you can work the whole of the glutes. It’s time to follow these five muscle toning workouts for the best results and an instant butt lift.

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

This first set of exercise you can do anywhere. Do them at home if you want or take a trip to the gym. You can also do the workout on the beach, in the park, or in your hotel room on vacation.

It’s a full routine with plenty of abs and glutes exercises.

Start with the bridge with leg extensions. The bridge is one of the best exercises, but it doesn’t quite get the whole glute muscles working. You’ll want to do a slightly different variation of the exercise.

Start on your back with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Place your hands on your hips and press the shoulders into the floor. Push your hips up, pulling in the glutes and getting a flat line from knees to chest.

Now extend the right leg to the ceiling, keeping the leg straight and the toes pointed up. Lower yourself back to the laying position, keeping the leg up. Raise yourself back up and now lower your leg down.

Repeat the exercise on the other side for one repetition.

Do 10 repetitions for best results.

Move onto the frog leg lifts. Roll onto your stomach and place your head on stacked fists or a yoga block. Pull in the abdominals and turn your hips out to pull your heels together. Keep the hips on the floor, so your spine remains straight.

Lift your heels towards the ceiling, getting as much of your legs off the floor as possible but keeping your hips down. Squeeze the butt muscles to keep your legs up for a few seconds and then lower.

Keep your head on your fists. Do 10 of these exercises.

Finish with the downward dog split leg lifts. The third position requires a mat for comfort. Start in downward god, keeping your weight evenly on your feet and hands. Lift your right foot off the flow, slowing raising towards the ceiling. It will be tempting to kick but don’t do this. You want to feel the butt muscles engaging in raising the leg as high up as possible slowly. Avoid twisting the shoulders or hips. You want to keep the weight even on all points on the floor.

Lower the leg back down and repeat on the other leg. This is one repetition. You want to do 10 for the best measure.

Get a Butt Lift in 5 Minutes

How about a five-minute workout? This is great for those who want to get a quick workout to start the day. You’ll boost your metabolism and your energy levels. This is another workout that you can do anywhere.

Start with the Brazilian butt lift plie. Start by standing with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and your arms at the side. Turn your toes out and tuck your tailbone in. Lower down into a plie squat, getting as low as possible. Don’t let the knees go over your toes.

As you do this, raise your arms to the height of your shoulders and keep the palms down. Hold the position for 2 seconds and then return to normal.

Do 20 reps and then take a 10-second break. Repeat, taking up a minute of your time.

Move onto the Butt lift touchdown. The second minute starts with your feet shoulder-width apart. This time point your toes forward

Squat until your knees have a 90-degree bend, without sticking your butt out. Step backward with the right leg, getting yourself into a deep lunge. Lower your left hand to either your thigh or the floor. The latter will come as you get better at the exercise.

Raise your right arm out in front with the palm facing forward. Return to the starting position and then repeat on the other side. Keep doing this for the full minute.

Do the explosive lunge. The third minute will require some cardio. Lunge yourself forward and then jump yourself up into the air. Switch the legs around in the air, so the opposite foot is in front and land back into your lunge.

Repeat this for the full minute.

Move on to the lateral sliding squat. Grab a towel for this exercise and start with your feet together and arms at the side. The right foot should be on the towel.

Place the weight on the left foot. Bend the left knee to at least 45 degrees, sliding the right foot out slowly as far as comfortable. Hold for 4 seconds and then pull back in. Do on this side for 30 seconds and then do 30 seconds on the other side.

Finish with squats with kick-back. The final minute is your squat with a twist. Start by doing a normal squat, holding yourself in place. Move your weight to the left leg and lift the right leg behind you. Keep the hips forward at all times and extend your arms for balance. Return to the squat and raise yourself up. Repeat on the other side and keep doing the exercise for the full minute.

No-Squat Butt Lift

If you despise doing squats, then you’ll want to do this workout. This is comfortable on the knees and will help to build flexibility, strength, and posture throughout the body. This four-exercise routine is the one you want.

Start with some donkey kicks. Get yourself on all fours with the tabletop position. Keep your back straight, and your shoulders relaxed. Keeping the right knee bent, raise the leg off the floor to the ceiling. You want to get it as high as possible, without allowing the stomach to drop to the floor. Return to the position and repeat the exercise 10 times. Repeat on the other side.

Do the glute bridge. Of course, the glute bridge is a must. You can make it better for your butt by holding the position and engaging all the butt muscles. Hold the position of the bridge for at least 30 seconds and then lower for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times for best results.

You can add the single leg lift mentioned above if you want. As you get better, you’ll want to hold the position for longer. Keep the bridge flat and held for as long as possible, before releasing and taking a 10-second break.

Try the lateral lunge. The next exercise is known as the lateral lunge. It works on similar muscles as the squats, but it puts less pressure on your knees. You’ll build on the muscles around the joints, helping to improve your flexibility.

Start with your feet hip-distance apart and keep your hands by your side. Step forward with one foot, putting your weight on this leg. Don’t let your knees go over your toes and keep your back straight.

Let your back leg straighten, with your foot remaining firm on the floor. Pull the front leg back and then repeat on the other side. This is one repetition, and you want to do 10 reps in total.

You can make this exercise harder by adding some weights. You can raise your weights above your head during the exercise and then lower them back down. Stick to light weights, as you’re working on your butt, not your arms.

Finish with the single-leg forward reach. The last exercise will work on your balance. It forces you to offset your center of gravity and will improve your base.

Start with your weight on your left foot, keeping the knee slightly bent. Straighten your right leg behind you with your toes slightly off the floor. Raise your arms up and then bend at the waist.

Keep your arms and legs in line with each other, hinging until your leg is parallel to the floor. If you can’t get to this position, raise your leg as high as possible, keeping your back and arms in line. Hold the position for two breaths and then slowly return to standing.

Do 10 repetitions on the one side and then switch over to raise your left leg. You will find your flexibility and balance improve the more you do this exercise. You’ll be able to hold the position longer.

Opt for a Butt Boosting Training Circuit

This exercise will need a few pieces of equipment, especially as you improve at the exercises. You will need to do 20-30 reps of all exercises on one side without resting in between. You can then rest for 30 seconds before repeating it all on the other side. Try to do the circuit three times a week for the best butt results.

Work on your center with perky lifts. Start on all fours with your knees under your hips. Keep the back straight and then lift the right leg off the floor. Straighten your knee and get the leg, so it’s parallel to the floor. Point your toes and lift your leg higher if you can. Trace the letter P and then return to the starting position.

Try out the rear raisers. Still, on all fours, keep your right leg straight and cross it behind the left leg. Tape the toe on the floor and then lift your right leg back up and return to the starting position. Throughout the exercise, you’ll need to squeeze the core and glutes. This is going to work on the muscles on the outer side of your glutes. Avoid any movement in your back.

Opt for the booty boxes. Again, keep the all four position and this time raise your right leg 4 inches from the floor, keeping your hips parallel to the floor. Trace a box with your pointed toes clockwise and then repeat anti-clockwise. You’ll want to engage the core and glutes completely, while working on the muscles.

Move onto the killer kicks. Once back in the all four position again, this time extend the right leg out and swing it out to the side. Keep your leg in line with your hips at all times. Bend your right knee and bring the heel to your butt and then straighten it back out and return to the starting position the way you came.

Finish with the lift it up. Finally, from the standard starting position, extend the right leg to the side and raise in line with the hip. Lower your leg and then pulse it back up and down. Keep the pace steady throughout the exercise.

Keep Your Exercise Simple

This final butt toning exercise routine is simple and fun. You’ll get a toned butt within weeks and enjoy the energizing workout on a morning. It is a high-intensity workout, but so worth it.

Start with the squat. Yes, this one does include the squat. You’ll want to do it as instructed above, getting your thighs parallel to the floor as much as possible. Hold for a couple of seconds and then return to the standing position. Do 20 reps and then repeat a second time.

If you want to add more to this, use a weight that you bring up to your chest every time you squat. Make sure you improve your squatting abilities first.

Pulse your squats. For the next two sets of 20 reps, do the squat with a pulse. You want to get into the squat as before, but this time make tiny pulsing movements in the squat. Do at least 5 pulses and then return to the standing position.

Move onto the bridge raises. While the glute bridge is good, this version is more energizing. Start in the bridge position but don’t hold it in the air. Low yourself back down until just before your butt touches the floor. Raise yourself back into the glute bridge and repeat this exercise as many times as you can in two minutes.

Do the bridge with leg lifts. This is an exercise we’ve already covered above. Raise into the bridge and lift one leg up to the ceiling. Lower back to the floor with the leg still in the air and then raise yourself back up. Lower the leg and return to the starting position. Do as many as possible within a two minute period.

Remember It’s Not All About the Exercise

Like with working on any part of the body, it’s not all about the exercise that you do. Some of the issues with the butt will be fat. We can’t control where our bodies gain weight, but for women, the butt is one of the most common areas.

While muscle workouts will tone the glutes, you won’t get rid of all the fat. You’ll need to focus on a healthy and balanced diet. It’s time to cut down on the calories and create a calorie deficit within your body. This is when your body gains fewer calories than you need to burn throughout the day. The body will take the calories that have been previously stored. By doing exercise, you’ll make sure the calories are taken from the fat.

You’ll also want to work on building the leg muscles. These are your strongest muscles. When they are toned and effective, they will help to encourage the muscle building in the rest of the body.

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