The 4 Seasons of Fitness


While you want to exercise throughout the year, you will need to change the things you do slightly. After all, you cannot expect to run your usual route when there’s ice on the ground during the winter! You will need a fitness regime that is suitable for all four seasons, so you do not come up with excuses not to do something for a few weeks or month.

The good news is adapting your fitness routine relatively easy. You can change where you do your workouts, the type of workouts you do, and the intensity that you opt for during certain times of the year.

We will give you a guide for each of the four seasons of fitness. It is time to have a routine that works for you throughout the year.

Let’s Start with the Winter

The winter is one of the hardest times to workout. All you can think about is the cold, dark nights. The snow or ice is on the ground, and you just cannot go out and do the exercises you have loved in the summer. Running and hiking, swimming in the sea, and doing those beach workouts are a thing of the past for the time being.

You can also find it harder to get out of bed on a morning. Daylight savings time is in effect, and you find yourself wanting to curl up where it is still warm for longer on a morning.

Well, it is time to kick that feeling. You can improve your feeling of the day by getting up a little earlier and getting a morning workout. Do not worry about doing a big run in the middle of an icy street. Although some outdoor workouts are possible.

Warm Up Before You Get Outside

Whatever type of workout you do, make sure you are warm. Your muscles need to be ready. That means doing a few bits of exercise in your house. Do just 10 minutes of jumping jacks or on the spot jogging to get the blood pumping. You will increase your body temperature a little, making sure your muscles are ready for any cold that you experience. This is especially important if you can get any outdoor running in, such as when there’s no ice on the ground.

Always wear layers to exercise in the winter. You can peel the layers off as you get warmer during your exercise.

Invest in Some Home Equipment

One of the most significant issues with exercising in the winter is the dark mornings. The last thing many people want is to go out to the gym when it is still dark outside. Even if your eyes tell you it is 7 am, it still feels like 4 am or 5 am because of the darkness.

You think that you will opt for a gym workout later in the day, but that rarely happens. You are left going the day without your workout, and then you feel guilty for it. You need a backup plan.

It is time to invest in some home equipment. This will give you that contingency plan when you just do not feel like going to the gym. There are so many types of equipment that you can invest in, depending on your finances and the room you have at home. Bike machines and stair climbers are good, but you can also get weights and balancing balls for bodyweight exercises. Do not forget the home workout DVDs and subscriptions so that you can do your workout in the comfort of your own home.

Get Your friends in on the Action

During the summer, you may find exercising alone easy and refreshing. When you get to the winter, you will need some support. You will need people to help you remain motivated whatever the weather. It is time to get your friends to join you.

This is especially beneficial if you are trying to get a few gym or outdoor workouts in. Your friends will keep you accountable to your exercise plan, and you will keep them accountable at the same time.

If you still do not like the cold mornings, organize to exercise at a different time of the day. A lunch time walk, or evening workout are good options.

Cut Down on the Amount You do Temporarily

The winter months could be the time that you cut down on the amount of exercise you do. You only want to cut down on the number of days you train, and not the duration or intensity of your exercise. So, instead of doing five 30-minute sessions, do three instead.

When you reduce the number of days your workout in the winter, you make your exercise plan more achievable. It does not sound too bad getting out in the cold three mornings a week. You are less likely to put it off because you know that once it is over, you are good for a few more days.

Studies have shown that both cardio and strength fitness are not negatively affected by just cutting back on a few sessions. You just need to make sure you still work out for the same duration and at the same intensity to keep the abilities up.

Make Some Goal Changes in the Spring

The spring is a good time to look at changing your goals. This is a time for renewing and rebirth. It is also a good time to help warm up and get ready for the heat that the summer will bring. You will want to get that beach-ready body, right?

Make the spring all about your tone and strength. Build on your muscles to help improve every other aspect of your fitness routine. Opt for three days a week of weight training and two days cardio.

Focus on Your Lower Body Strength

Your legs are the crucial part of your overall strength. You have the most significant muscles in your body here, so when they are strong, the rest of your body will see an improvement. These parts of the body will take up a lot of your protein intake through your diet, so you will want to make sure it is used effectively.

That means you want many leg workouts in your strength training. You can incorporate them into your arms and core exercises if you want, or just use them separately when you want to have a leg day.

Squats and lunges are the best bodyweight exercises for improving your lower leg strength. You will work on the quads and glutes, while also helping to improve your core stability. Make sure you keep your abs pulled in throughout the exercises, helping to work on your balance and core strength.

Build on Arms With Two Exercises

You do not need a lot of equipment to build on your arm strength. Bodyweight exercises are enough. While strength training can help with fat burning, you will gain weight through building muscle. You will constantly have something to lift and push through your weight. Moreover, you can increase the intensity by adding more repetitions to your workout.

Push-ups and tricep dips are all you need to build on your arm strength. You will need a stable chair for the tricep dips, but absolutely no specialist equipment. However, you can also do these workouts in the gym if you would like.

If you find that the exercises become a little boring, try changing your hand positions. You can turn your fingers out or bring your hands closer together in push-ups to change the muscles that are worked. With tricep dips, try moving the hands out slightly or in closer to your body to work on different parts of the triceps.

Try Step-ups for Your Cardio Workout

You can build your leg muscles through your cardio workouts. Step-ups are one of the most effective options, and you can do them in your own home. You just need a stool that is sturdy and easy to use. You can buy step-up benches if you want, but there’s absolutely no need.

One of the best things about step-ups is that you can do the exercise while you watch the TV or while listening to your favorite music. There’s no need to feel like you are taking time out of your day to do the exercises.

Do not forget to adapt your steps. Lift the knees in front or kick the legs out behind. You will improve your balance, burn more calories, and build the muscles more.

Get Out Walking More

The spring is a good time to get outside more. The mornings start to get lighter, and you will feel like doing more. There’s also the new greenery appearing, making you want to see a new life. Your mindset will be more positive, and this is something to take advantage of.

Get out for more walks on a morning. You can have a friend join you, or you can go by yourself. Many people download audiobooks or podcasts to listen while they walk, taking their mind off the exercise. This is something worth doing every day, whether you have a cardio or strength workout coming up later.

All these exercises will help you burn more calories throughout the day. You will improve your shape and tone, giving you the beach body ready for your summer workouts.

Spend the Summer by the Beach

Wish you could spend time by the lake or beach throughout the summer? Well, you certainly can. There are plenty of exercises that you can do during the warmer months. It is time to use nature to its advantage.

Start Swimming or Kayaking in the Local Lake

Pick up a water sport for the summer. Swimming is one of the most popular. Doing for all is free. If you are a weaker swimmer, practice in the local swimming pool and improve your technique. Then only swim on the days when the water is calmer until you build the strength to handle a current. If you are uncertain about the current, it is a promising idea to step back and build your confidence first.


Another choice is to take up kayaking, rowing, or another boating sport. You will be surprised at the all-body workout you get when you do these exercises. Your forearms, core, and thighs will all feel like you have run them through their paces.

One of the best things about these types of exercise is you will lose track of time. They are activities that you enjoy, and you do not even realize you are doing anything good for your body! Plus, you get more mental benefits since you enjoy what you are doing.

Never tried kayaking and rowing? Look out for lessons nearby. There will always be someone willing to teach you.

Get out Hill Walking at the Weekend

How about a trip to the mountains? The summer is an exciting time to get away and explore your country. There are so many mountains and national parks waiting for you to explore them. Use the summer to do so and get some exercise in at the same time.

Hill walking is a fun form of exercise for many. You get to see wildlife, spend time with friends, and improve your overall fitness. There is no need to set out to complete a hill climb in a set amount of time. You do not need a lot of specialist equipment. Just make sure you have sturdy walking boots, a backpack of essentials, and good walking poles to get started. As you do more, you will find out about other pieces of equipment you will need.

The benefit of hill walking is that you will get a mixture of strength and cardio workouts. Your heart will race, and the blood will pump, while you increase the strength within your glutes and legs.

However, cannot you do walking anywhere? Well, yes but hill walking does offer the extra strength workout with the hills. They also have more shade, which is perfect for warm summers. You will find you still be cooler and are not subject to as many heat stroke risks. While it may be 100F in the city, it will only be around 70F in the shade of the mountains.

Get Your Beach Workouts

Of course, a beach is also a suitable place for workouts. You can do exercises on your own or take up group activities to get out more. When you are exercising on the beach, make sure you are protected from the sun and have plenty of water. This is going to be a hot workout!

Try running on the beach. You can start in trainers and then move to bare feet running. The feet will naturally sink into the sand, forcing your legs to work harder to elevate you onto the other leg and push you forward. Even walking on the beach will give your legs a workout.

You can also take up bodyweight exercises if you want to get some strength training in. Some people even take up yoga on the beach, to unwind and take in the peace of nature around them.

Want group activities? Throw a Frisbee with your family, have a game of football on the beach, or play some volleyball. You will be amazed at the way your body works, and the blood gets pumping. The time will fly and before you know it you have done an hour of exercise without feeling like it.

You will not initially feel the workout, but the next morning your body will remind you of everything you did. You will want to make sure you stretch off afterward fully to help avoid aches and cramps the next morning.

Have Home Workouts for the Extremely Hot Days

Having a gym or some home workouts will still be good in the middle of the summer. There are times that it will be too hot to workout outside. Heat warnings will encourage you to still be in an air-conditioned room as much as possible.

So, how do you get your workouts in? Sometimes you will need the routine that you had indoors for the winter. You will be thankful that you do not have to wake up extra early just to get your outdoor workout in!

Use Fall Weather to Your Advantage

Finally, it is time for your fall fitness routine. This is a time of year that gets cooler but darker. You can still get some of the summer beach exercises in, but you will also need to start working towards the winter workouts.

The fall season is essential for healthy living in the winter. This is the time of year that you set up a routine to follow through the winter and develop your good habits to continue in the hardest season of all.

Do More Outdoor Exercises

Try to keep your exercise outside as much as possible. The crisp air on a morning will be good for your mental health. It wakes you up and leaves you feeling refreshed for the rest of the day. You will also find it easier to keep exercising, as you will feel cooler throughout your session.

Use your local park or try to do more beach workouts. You can still enjoy a game of volleyball, even as the weather starts to get a little snowier. Just dress for the weather, and you will be fine!

Take Up a New Class

This is a fun time of year to try out a new class. The fall is when the majority of new gym classes start. You will even find martial art and dance studios offering signups for those who would like to take up dancing, a type of martial arts, or even try their hand at a new form of exercise.

Do not be afraid to go on your own. This is a way for many people to make new friends. If you are worried about going somewhere new, ask a friend to join you just for a few weeks until you meet new people.

Do More Throughout the Commercials

It is time to get the home workout equipment out for a regular user. You will get used to them before the winter months.

The fall is when a lot of new TV shows start. Your old favorites will also be back. It is common to want to watch them live, but that can often lead to excuses for not getting to the gym. Do not be one of those women who finds reasons, use the commercial breaks to your advantage.

You can get some weight lifting exercises, small cardio workouts, and even some yoga poses into your day during the commercials. Before you know it, you have 15-20 minutes of a workout into your day without even thinking about it. This is a wonderful way to get into a good habit ready for the winter when you will find it harder to work out.

Set your goals

While the spring is an excellent time to set new goals, the fall is a time when most of us forget them. The nights get darker sooner, and we struggle with motivation. Well, it is time to set your goals and write them down. These goals are your motivation to keep your exercise regime.

It takes six weeks for a habit to form. That is plenty of time to create the habit throughout the fall. By the time the winter rolls back around, you will have an exercise routine that you enjoy and find easy to follow. You are more likely to stick with it during the holiday season.

Do not find that the goals are helping? Set up a challenge. You have around 12 weeks to Christmas. What do you want to achieve before the holiday season? Make it achievable, and you will soon find that the motivation for exercise comes more naturally.

Exercise Throughout the Year

With the right tools and techniques, you can have an exercise plan for all four seasons. It is all about adapting slightly and planning. You need to know why you are making excuses and figure ways around them.

There is always something that you will want to do. Whether it is a home workout to avoid the cold mornings or activity on the beach to enjoy the sun, there is something for you. Now you just need to find what works for you in the four seasons.

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